Now that you are married your life as a couple officially begins, but you need to have new experiences for your relationship to grow and thrive. That’s why we have found 10 newlywed bucket lists worth attempting. 

Remember that not every activity is going to be appropriate for each couple, and chances are that one of you may have a hard-line NO as a response to some of them and that’s okay. There may also be financial or physical limitations to some items on the bucket lists

We suggest choosing your favorite items from several of the newlywed bucket lists and creating one of your own. It’s okay to push each other a little outside of your comfort zone but try to be respectful of each other needs and wants so that your bucket list is a source for growing stronger as a couple and not pushing you apart. 

Epic Marriage Bucket List

This epic marriage bucket list is a great place to start your own list. Some of the ideas found here include getting in shape together, travel, and attending a weekend music festival together. They also suggest designing your dream home, you don’t have to buy the land and start building for this one though, just write down or start a Pinterest board of what you like and what is important to you. When it’s time to build your dream home you will have a great head start. 

Bucket List For Your First Year Of Marriage 

This bucket list for your first year of marriage has 50 different items for you to complete with your spouse during the first year of your marriage. This list includes items like going on a train ride, camping in the living room, and watching a hot balloon race together. 

Bucket List Ideas to Bring You Closer 

This bucket list has 30 different ideas to help bring you and your spouse closer together. The list is broken into sections and the newlywed section includes items like growing a garden together, starting a new tradition or running a race together. 

The Official First Year of Marriage Bucket List

The official first year of marriage bucket list has twelve different items on it that all couples should do in their first year of marriage. The list includes items like kissing often, putting your registry gifts to use, and taking a weekend road trip together as Mr. and Mrs. 

Husband and Wife Bucket List 

This husband and wife bucket list has twenty different couple’s activities that newlyweds can do during their first year of marriage. This list includes visiting the spot where you had your first kiss, going on a picnic, and seeing your favorite band in concert. 

The Ultimate Couple’s Bucket List 

The ultimate couple’s bucket list has a lot of great activities for couples including some more unique and risque ones. This list includes activities like having a paint fight, outdoing your neighbor’s Christmas decorations, and hiding love notes for your spouse. 

The Pre-Baby Bucket List

The pre-baby bucket list has 14 items on it that couples might want to consider before settling down to start a family. The list includes starting an emergency fund, taking a career risk and traveling. 

The Couple’s Bucket List You’ll Want to Do

If you are looking for a lighthearted newlywed bucket list then this couple’s bucket list might be the one for you. Tasks to complete on this bucket list include becoming regulars at your favorite restaurant or coffee shop, playing hid and seek in Ikea, and going tech-free for 24 hours. 

Newlywed Summer Bucket List

Were you a spring or summer bride? Then you and your spouse might enjoy starting your married life with this newlywed summer bucket list. A few of the items on this list may have to be adjusted as some of them were location-specific but it’s still a great summertime list. Activities include picking berries to make into a pie, playing on a slip n slide, and going paddle boarding. 

Winter Bucket List

This winter bucket list has lots of great Christmas and winter activities on it for newlyweds. Activities include making Christmas decorations, having a snowball fight, starting a brand new Christmas tradition, and spending a day curled up in front of the fireplace. 

All of these bucket lists have something fun to offer for newlyweds. You can do all of them, or you can create your own unique newlywed bucket list by using some of the ideas you have found on these. What newlywed bucket list activity are you looking forward to the most?