Brides With Red Lipstick

Dare to be bold? Would you consider wearing red lipstick on your big day? Well, these gorgeous brides wore red lipstick for their wedding and they looked stunning.

If you do not wear lipstick very often or red is not something you wear a lot and you decide to wear it for your wedding, we promise to love you. 

Red lips are a big bridal trend, one that we wholeheartedly accept. 

If you have a simple dress, wearing a bold colour on your lips can make a huge difference. 

It’s definitely perfect for creating that wow factor. 

I am not a bold colour kind of girl, but on my wedding day, we had nothing but bold colours. 

Red lipstick wedding makeup trend we love!

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If you are going to wear red lipstick on your day, here are our tips for maintaining the look throughout the day!

  • Don’t lick your lips – avoid this if you can
  • Reapply in front of the mirror, that way you can check if you got anyone your tooth
  • Ask your girls to let you know if you have any lipstick on your tooth – they make for bad photos
  • Try to drink from a straw to avoid movement and smudging.
  • Yes it’s hard- but keep the kissing to a minimal

Brides That Wore Red Lipstick




Source: Pinterst, African Hairstyling

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Gorgeous Brides That Wore Red Lipstick For Their Wedding