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Tips to DIY Your Boutonnieres

For those of you brides that are into DIY and you love the thought of making all things for your wedding, here is a simple instruction sheet on how to make a boutonniere.

If you attempt this, you are brave and very crafty!

I have seen a lot of amazing tutorials both on YouTube and on Pinterest on DIY how to make a boutonniere and in my wedding planning career I have even made a few! 

If you do it right, DIY Wedding Boutonnieres can be made well in advanced and kept in the fridge until the actual big day! Just ensure you use flowers that can hold out and still look fresh on the day! 

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What supplies do you need to make a boutonniere?

This is what you need to in order to make your boutonniere! 

  • Flowers of your choice – a few flat green leaves and one statement flower. (Ensure flowers can last)
  • Florist tape
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Corsage pin

Pro Tips For Saving Money

If you are thinking of going the DIY route for wedding, think about logistics, timing and your expertise. Not every DIY project will save you money.

Consider what to outsource and what you can actually do on your own.

In order to save money on your boutonniere, you can use only greenery for the groomsmen and the actual flower piece for the groom!

When I first made my first boutonniere for my client, I got into a better groove after my 3rd one.

The more you make, the more better you get, definitely leave the one you will be making for the groom last! You can even practice on fake flowers first before attempting fresh flowers. 

Boutonnieres are definitely quick, simple and easy to customize with whatever flowers you are having in your bridal bouquet. 

If you want to follow the full tutorial on how to make a boutonniere, the tutorial can be found on One Fab Day blog

DIY Boutonniere

How To Make a Boutonniere Video

If you prefer to watch a YouTube video instead, I really loved this simple video I found online! 

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DIY How To Make a Boutonniere For Your Wedding Party