So you wrote a fantastic wedding blog post, you went through the check list to ensure all is well written and you checked every spelling/ grammar.  You feel accomplished and you hit the publish button.  Now you patiently wait for people to come running to your blog, read it, comment on it and maybe potentially book you for your services. Think again, my friend, think again. The saying might go, build it and they will come. But in blogging it’s more like, built it, promote the crap out of it, and then they will come and keep coming. 

But where and how should you promote your wedding blog? We have 5 amazing tips you can use to promote your blog posts today – with some great strategies for you to use on just how to do that.How to promote your Website and Blog to attract Wedding Clients

How to promote your Website and Blog to attract Wedding Clients


This first thing you should do is absolutely use social media to start promoting all your wedding blog posts. It is the most effective way to promote and push out your work for the world to see.


Facebook works well for promoting to bride. In order for it to work for you, you need to post consistently.If not, your post will only be seen by a handful of clients and you would be forced to pay for potential brides to see it. I typically post 3 to 4 times a day and I engage with my clients often.  Another awesome way of getting your posts in front of potential brides is joining wedding groups. Join a few groups or as many as possible and try to share your posts on them when appropriate. 

Facebook has a lot to offer in terms of finding your ideal brides and clients. Use it to your full advantage- Stay tuned for our new Book about our secret to booking up to $50, 000 in wedding business in just one year! If you want to be notified about the launch date, sign up here!

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Instagram is the new black. Every bride is on it and you should be too. Post once a day is my recommendation and don’t forget your hash tags. Post photos that brides will love and interact with. The best way to make use of Instagram is to use at least 30 hashtags. We talk more about social media for wedding professionals here!  How can you use Instagram to promote your blog posts? Post a picture from your blog posts. Title your photos – New Blog post up, update your Instagram link and talk about the posts. In the description portion, post a little description of what your blog is all about and direct your fans to your post by indicating “Link in Bio- click to view more”. Do this every time you have a new post you publish. 

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I have a plug in on my website called “Revive Old Post” on WordPress and this promotes all my old posts on Twitter automatically every 4 hours. It’s neat! 


Did you  know that Pinterest is the new Google search engine? Why do we love Pinterest and why do we promote on it? Because it has a long shelf life for each pin. We talk a lot about Pinterest through out our blog but read this one to stay up to date and start implementing. It has a great marketing strategy you can implement right away! 


Build an email list on your website. Did you know that getting a list from the wedding show is not the only way to build a list? And we are not talking about having a newsletter on the website, create an irresistible free item you can offer your bride for an email exchange. This is the best way to grow your own client base.  We discuss this fantastic option in our E-Book which outlines how to set it up – You can reserve your book right here

Once you have a mail list started, you can send them blog posts, wedding package updates or any new promotions. Guess what? With the blog updates that you are sending your clients, this helps in creating views on your site and building traffic. Hopefully you have made it easy for your brides to share your posts.


Another awesome way to promote your wedding blog is by sharing your website on different sites that will bring you traffic. After each blog, I firstly share on Social Media, my email list and then booked marked sites. Some popular ones include Digg, Stumble Upon (my favourite) , scoop it and Wedding Gawker. Don’t forget Google Plus and LinkedIn.


Guests blogging on other blogs is another great way to get more exposure for your blog. We at Culture Chic do accept Guests blogs and you can simply email us to get started. You should use all the opportunity you have to guest blog as this gets your work in front of new audiences and potential brides.


If you are sharing work that you produced with other vendors, make sure to mention them. This way they can re share or retweet what you posted.  I know I’m always thrilled when I’m mentioned on someone else’s blog post and make it a point to read it, comment, and then share it with my audience. Giving credit to vendors is extremely important and others will respect you for it. If you are using a photographers photo, don’t forget to give them credit and the best way is to actually ask for permission before using it. 

Not sure why blogging is important? Read up here! 

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Happy Planning