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Not Booking Any Weddings? Bonus- How you can Change this!

Not Booking Any Weddings? Bonus- How you can Change this!

Are you new in the wedding industry or just trying to get bookings? We have all struggled to attract brides to our wedding business at some point. Many wedding professionals think that it’s just them having a hard time booking weddings or events. When you look over at your competition and see them posting photos of their recent bookings or achievements, it’s easy to feel discouraged. I remember feeling miserable too. We were getting the inquiries but no bookings were coming through. Then you start to feel like you are the problem or you are not doing something right.

I then started to think that no one was finding my site or my ideal clients were just not finding me. So I invested in a new website, blogged more, improved my SEO strategies and more inquiries came through but STILL no bookings.  I was getting tones of inquiries (at least 3 per day) but no one booking my services. Know that feeling when a client emails you, you respond and all you get are crickets? Well that is what I got each time.

My first reaction was that I needed to lower and change my pricing! 

Almost everyone thinks that this is the best solution or the only solution. Or they just are not good enough so reducing the prices will work. I am here to tell you that this is not the way to go.  You are in business to make money, do what you love and turn your hard work into a successful business. Any one would be in panic mode if they had no one book them in over 3 months. I would freak out. So what can you do book more weddings. We will get into that in a second. 

Remember – DO NOT LOWER YOUR PRICES TO ATTRACT BRIDES! Instead take a step back and see what you can do to improve your business. Write down what it is you do and revisit these options. I did a detailed list of every single part of my business and made a few tweaks that helped me build a $50, 000 wedding business. The course details exactly what I did to grow the business, what changes I made, how I increased my prices and the different wedding packages I created to boost business.

Here is where you can start – What social media platforms are you using? Are you consistent? Are you posting high quality work? Are brides engaging with your posts? If not, how can you change this? I looked at what my direct competition were doing and implemented some changes. I also monitored what worked and where the most engagements were. Do you have a wedding blog? No? Add one. This helps a lot for traffic purposes. Not sure what to blog about or have no time? We have an amazing team that can provide you with blog posts based on your business vision. Get in touch with us here!  

You will have to basically sit down and outline where the problem areas might be and how you are disconnecting from your clients. How can you show the client that your aim is to connect with them on a personal level and let them trust you? What do these brides want? How can you reflect these needs in your brand and packaging? Our E- Book discusses what prices you should be charging and how to go about branding your business! 

Your packages, prices and website need to match the value of your work. If not, then you are disconnecting and loosing potential clients. Once you do this, client will value you and want to book you more. Not sure how you can double your wedding business? Get our Free E-Course right here- Double your Wedding Sales today! 

I hope everyone is enjoying the wedding season. Start making changes to your business module now to start seeing growth! 

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