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Are you recently engaged? What steps should you take now that you are engaged? We asked the team at RSVP Events in Ottawa what they thought a couple should do before starting the planning process.

Ottawa Wedding Planner
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What type of wedding are you looking to have? 

You need to sit down with your partner and discuss the type of wedding you would like to have. Are you looking to have a huge wedding or small intimate wedding with only close family and friends? Are you looking at having a church wedding or an outdoor affair. Traditional or not ? This is big one. Be on the same page from the start.

Ottawa Wedding Planner
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The Guest list

The number of guests you have will break or make your budget. Before you can determine your venue, you need to know the number of guests you are thinking of having. This will eliminate venues that do not fit your numbers. We suggest splitting your guests into groups (Close family – His and Hers, close friends, school/college and work colleagues. From here determine who is in important. If you haven’t seen or spoken to a best friend you had in the third grade, you might want to skip them.

When to walk down that aisle

Do you have a date in mind? A season perhaps? Getting married during the peak times such as a Saturday, a long weekend, between May & September sometimes means that you will spend more. If you are on a tight budget, we definitely recommend cutting your numbers, getting married during the off season and Friday is not a bad idea either. More and more weddings are happening mid week.

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Location, Location!

What is your dream wedding venue location? Do you have one in mind yet? Are you considering a destination wedding? Or maybe getting married in a city where you are from? Some couples try to make it as convenient as possible for their guests. This sometimes means getting married in a different city. Somewhere in the middle! This is also not a bad idea, your guests will appreciate this.

At Last, Money talks 

You should never avoid this talk. The wedding budget.  Determining the wedding budget should probably be the first thing on the list.  Coming up with a reasonable budget is one thing, sticking to it, is another. You definitely need to decide what you are willing to spend and what is comfortable for you. You do not want to go broke over a wedding.

Ottawa Wedding Planning
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Happy Planning

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