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10 Alternative places to meet your Brides

Many wedding professionals can not afford the extra costs and overhead of having an office such as Wedding planners, some cake artists and Photographers. This is just added expenses that you do need when first starting out! We have come up with a few great places you can use to meet your potential clients.

10 Places to meet your ideal clients

  1. A Café – I personally love love love local cafes! Find one around your city and make it your go to place. Ensure the café you pick is something quiet and ideally private. Arrive at least 30 minutes in advance to pick a table with lots of space.
  2. A wine bar! – This is a fun spot and can be extremely spacious. Find one that works for you, in your area.
  3. Local Library – Some libraries offer meeting rooms that you can use to meet clients. I have used some for free. Guess what? It’s extremely quiet!
  4. Bookstores– These can be quiet too and most have a café attached to it. Think Chapters!
  5. Co Working Spaces– We have a few around the city – Look up office rentals on Google search. Some places offer hourly rates as low as $25.00 an hour. If you charge for consultations this can be a cost you add on. And it’s a very professional setting.
  6. Hotels If you make an arrangement with a hotel that offers banquet rentals, it can be a win/win situation for both parties! The client gets to see a potential venue.
  7. At the Clients Home Not the ideal situation especially if meeting for the first time. But it’s an option.
  8. Golf Course – Same idea as the hotel!
  9. Local Universities or Colleges- Universities have great places you can sit and hold a meeting.
  10. Do you have a client from out of town? We get a lot of these clients. Schedule a Skype or a phone call! This is extremely professional. Use your home office, or space with a great background! Ensure it is clean, no clutter and that you are alone. Turn off anything that may distract you.

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Happy Meeting!