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We love love LOOOVE Pinterest! And if you are not on it, you should totally get on it! It is the best tool you could possibly use to attract your ideal brides and gain traffic to your wedding website and blog! I am pretty sure every wedding vendor out there is on Pinterest so jump on it! Pinterest was extremely popular back when it came out for brides who wanted to use it to plan their wedding and it still is. Pinterest is for all wedding professionals and you should be on it. If you are a florist, wedding planner, a photographer or a decor design, you should totally be using this tool! 

How to use Pinterest to Plan your Clients' Wedding

In order to grow your wedding Pinterest account, read this blogIt will help you organize your boards in such a way that it attracts your ideal brides! And you can follow our wedding marketing board here to get all the marketing ideas and tools we use to grow our wedding business! Now lets go into more detail on how exactly you can use this tool to your benefit to plan a clients wedding!

How to use Pinterest to Plan your Clients’ Wedding

First step: When I first meet a client, I typically ask them to send me their Pinterest Account and ask them to follow me (Hint- growing your account). Make sure you have at least one board on your account with your business name on it where you post just your work! Ideally share all your wedding portfolios on this. The client might not book you right away but can look at all the fun stuff you can do for them. I know you have a portfolio on your actual site, but Pinterest has the potential to have it re-pinned over and over again! This allows for growth. Now create a new board for each of your clients and ensure the boards are set to a secret privacy setting. Name the board with your clients names and wedding dates to make it easier for reference. Based on your clients vision and style, start to pin work that you feel reflect your clients vision. Pin about 10 pins and make comments/notes on them for them to refer to.

Note: Creating secret boards is extremely easy. When you select “create board”, just scroll to the bottom and you will the “The Secret board tab” . 

How to use Pinterest to plan your wedding

Second Step: Invite your brides to your secret board. Don’t forget to ask the groom if he has Pinterest! We have had grooms in on the wedding process and they are very much involved. They are a few men on Pinterest, believe us! Once  you send the clients the invitations, send them an email instructing them to start pinning on the secret board. The key here is to start building their wedding style of what they are envisioning for their big day. Don’t forget to ask them to make notes describing what they like or dislike about your ideas. They can also comment on what they really like about the picture they are pinning. This process saves you both time on sending thousands of photos via email back and forth! Everyone is on one spot! 

Note: How to invite your bride on Pinterest. Edit the board and type in the client’s email address associated with their Pinterest account. You should be entering it under the who can pin tab and then click invite. They will get an email notifying them that the can start pinning! 

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How to use Pinterest with your brides


Third Step: Define the clients Style 

Once you have enough examples, notes and comments, take a look at where their vision is leaning towards. Make note of colors, style and texture(rustic, elegant etc. ) You will be able to notice a few things – Are the pictures simple and elegant, are you seeing the different textures/patterns used. Is there a color scheme that is emerging much more than the other? Make your own notes and really define your clients style and vision. At this point you should be able to put together what you think is working for the client. Read their comments and see what they are saying. The key here is to listen! Piece all the pieces together and present your work to the client at the next meeting you have with them.  You might have do a few revisions before getting it all right and perfect. 

If your client is describing one particular style but pinning something else, don’t worry! That’s why they hired you. You are able to direct them the right way. Show them how you are able to get to their dream vision with your expertise! 

using pinetest to plan a wedding

Lastly as the professional, the client is trusting you to come up with a unique design using your talents and creativity. Remember that this is the clients wedding and vision. As much as we want to take it to a different direction, remember their opinions matter. Using a Pinterest tool will allow you the access you need to really work with them and keep it well styled and organized! 

Note to you: Make sure when the client logs on to your Pinterest account they see a beautifully organized Pinterest account! Look at the Pretty Blogs’ account below:



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Wedding Pinterest Traffic

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