5 Things to do Today to Boost Your Wedding Business Blog (Traffic) 

Growing your wedding blog’s traffic is extremely essential to finding success for your wedding business. You do not need to have hundreds and thousands of pageviews per month, but you do need readers reading your blog. Today we will be sharing a few actionable tips you can implement today in order to see traffic growth on your wedding blog! 

5 Ways Boost Your Wedding Business Blog

  1. Post Regularly. Posting on a regular basis will give you great results. Whenever you post a new blog, your readers (those that are subscribed) will get a notification update and people will be rushing to your site to read up! What does this do for your blog? It gives it a little boost!  This does not mean you must blog everyday! I typically do suggest blogging every day when you first start blogging in order to get ahead of the game and then fall into a consistent schedule! Other than that, come up with a schedule that works for you and stick to it.  
  2. Create content upgrades.  A content upgrade is a Freebie you typically include in your blog posts that will encourage potential brides to sign up. It is not to be confused with a call to action (although this is also highly recommended) , it’s a Freebie that compliments your current blog. If you choose to write on the benefits of planning the perfect wedding budget, your content upgrade would be “Sign up here to get your Free Wedding Budget Template”! This will send tones of traffic to your site and you will get a lot of sign ups. So write 3 or 4 great blogs that will educate your potential brides and include an awesome content upgrade! Then, promote your brand new post on social media and let people know there’s a freebie included! This will get your readers extremely excited and interested. It will send them over to your blog to see what this Freebie is! Another way to promote your content upgrade is to send this to your email list! 
  3. Start collaborating. We are all about collaborating lately. It is a fantastic way to get  Free publicity for your  wedding business and to boost your blog’s traffic, but it’s also the best way to build relationships with others in your niche. Its all about building relationships. There are many ways you can collaborate with someone: write a guest post featuring vendors and venues you have worked with, have a guest post on your site, interview an influencer in your niche, work on a style shoot with another vendor and collaborate on a new product with another wedding vendor! Come up with an idea and reach out to a wedding industry vendor you’d love to work with! You’ll both benefit from the amazing content you create together. 
  4. Be SEO-friendly. SEO is great for your wedding blog and to ensure you show up first on Google. A lot of people do not like the technical aspect of SEOs.  Taking the extra step to optimize your posts will help boost your blog’s traffic in the long run because you’ll rank higher in search engine results. Ranking higher in search engines is a must for your wedding business growth! If you’re on WordPress, use a plugin like Yoast to help you. It’s so easy to use and makes SEO extremely easy. You should also consider using more long-tail keywords in your posts. Long-tail keywords are search phrases that are composed of three or more keywords. There’s less competition for long-tail keywords, which makes them easier to target. You can use a tool like the Google Keyword Planner to see which phrases drive the most traffic, so you know which one to use in your next post! Related post: E Book designed to boost your Wedding Biz! Every trick in this E-Book! 
  5. Find your target audience. In order to effectively reach your target market and get the right people to your website, you need to know where your audience is. And that means you need to be strategic about where you spend your time online. Make an effort to seek out your ideal blog reader. Is she on Instagram, but not on Facebook? Don’t invest your time in Facebook. Figure out which social media platforms she uses, the online groups or forums she’s part of and start spending some time there. Once you find your brides and you start connecting with them, it’ll be so easy to boost your blog’s traffic.

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Happy Planning