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5 Reasons to hire A Destination Wedding Planner

We believe you should have a wedding planner for any and all your wedding planning! Having a professional and certified Destination Wedding planner is extremely crucial to ensuring your day is as smooth as possible! Planning your wedding from abroad is extremely difficult and sure do not need all the stress!  We have come across multiple brides that do want to plan their own weddings. But you do need to let the professional do the work that they are trained to do so you can enjoy your wedding day! 

5 Reasons to hire A Destination Wedding Planner

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It takes about 150 hours to plan a wedding, planning a destination wedding takes up so much more time. We understand in today’s society how much people are busy with work and life. Planning a destination wedding will take up so much time. Consider the time difference! The timezone can really through you off. If you are planning a wedding that has a 10 hour time difference, well you are not staying up to get emails and phones calls answered! You have work to get to.  This can really slow down the planning process. A wedding planner can get you faster results as they are trained and well connected! A wedding planner will offer services that can greatly reduce the time and effort you have to put in. From drawing up a shortlist of venues that are in line with your vision to coordinating, even attending meetings on your behalf.

When you get to your location, you will have more time to relax and enjoy the city with your family and friends while the wedding planner takes care of details. When your guests are travelling so far to be with you on your big day, it’s important that you get to spend quality time with them. Allowing a planner to draft up schedules that maximize your free time once you arrival, means you can enjoy your own wedding and have confidence that the day itself will run itself properly! 


The biggest challenge that couples face while planning their wedding abroad is the understanding all the legal obligations that they have to meet! In order to ensure you have a legal ceremony that are a lot of paperwork that tend to be confusing to fill out and process. A certified Destination wedding planner will have the knowledge for this and will help you get through it more efficiently. They will walk you through the process step by step. They will let you know exactly what type of documents you require in order to get married at a specific destination location as well as  what dates you need them by. They will be able to communicate easily with the town halls and work directly with you to make sure you know the process to follow in order to receive your marriage certificate after your big day. Trust us! 

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Wedding planners have all the amazing connections with vendors which they can pass on to you. They are able to find you the right vendors that are able to work within your budget!  They will have a list of contacts that they may pass on to you depending on your wedding package! Wedding planners are definitely a great source to you as they can offer you luxury service from start to finish, they will definitely save time and you will be stress free.  Most wedding planners only work with reputable wedding vendors and suppliers. These tend to trust worthy vendors! They will give options to choose from the list! They will also be able to communicate more effectively with these suppliers once you have selected them.


Just because you are having a Destination wedding does not mean you have to be boring or not plan the decor process! Given a lot of your decor and ambiance will be the view, we still need to add a little to this. A wedding planner is like having your own personal creative designer! You show us your ideas, themes, and Pinterest boards and we make them come to life. You’ve envisioned fresh floral arrangements running along each table, elegantly falling to the floor but you have no idea how to make this work! Not to worry- You Wedding/ Designer will help you make your vision come to a reality! 


Hiring a wedding planner, believe it or not, can actually save you money in the long run! Many planners have developed good relationships with suppliers and are comfortable negotiating rates with them.  All you have to do is provide them with your budget and they will work with it. The budget definitely has to be within reason! A $5000 budget with 300 people won’t work! A good wedding planner will also help you set and stick to that budget, they will be able to find you alternative solutions when and where necessary.

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