Use Our Marketing Ideas to Grow Your Wedding Business!

Today we will be sharing 3 Marketing Business ideas to book more brides. You can implement these tips today in order to see progress in your wedding business. These are strategies are so easy but they make a difference, start seeing a change today! And if you would like one-on-one coaching, do not hesitate to contact us! 

3 Wedding Business Marketing Ideas to book more brides

You Must Follow up with Potential Wedding clients

If a client contacts you, please ensure you follow up withing 24 hours. After each wedding consultation and after you send a contract, please make sure you are following up. As previously mentioned in our other blog posts, brides are as busy as anyone else. The reason they want to work with a professional wedding vendor is to ensure they a) Get a great service and b) They trust someone professional will look after some major elements of their wedding when they are busy working. Your clients should not have to take the step and follow up with you. You should make them feel like you are excited to work with them. Take the next step and lead the way! 

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Answer their burning questions

Are you one of those wedding professionals that get extremely nervous when discussing pricing with your clients? Are you worried that the client will turn you down? Do you worry that the client may not be able to afford you? By the time you get to the price question, you should have already done a great job selling your services, personality and made them eager to book you. You should sell your services or products so good that the clients feel like they have no other choice but to book you. When a client knows your value and worth, price is not a concern to them. They are now just eager to work with you. Get to the point about your difference pricing brackets and talk about payment options to ease the stress! 

Invest in your Business

You need to spend money to make money. Educate yourself with amazing classes that are out there. And keep educating yourself! Read more blogs that will inspire you! We have amazing coaching services that we offer including online courses! E-Books are an amazing way to get affordable learning material to continuously stay up to date with the ever changing technology and trends! Your clients will appreciate how on top of things you are and mostly be impressed with your selling techniques which will result in more bookings. 

We ourselves are continuously getting educated! We go to conferences and have hired business coaches to take us to the next level! What marketing material will you implement? Tell us in the comment below! 

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Happy Planning

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