Have you updated you website lately? We highly recommend doing a website “Facelift” at least once a year as you would spring clean your home! If you have not updated work on your website for at least 2 years or more, then it’s about time for a little change and relaunch. We don’t mean changing your whole site, just giving it a more fresh look, keeping up with times and adding new and updated content to it. If you are now offering new products or services, make sure to add this to your site.

Here are a few things we recommend making changes to: 

give your wedding website a Facelift

Is your wedding portfolio up to date? 

Make sure to update your website with your most recent work. Ensure your work reflects the look and feel of the type of wedding you wish to book more of. If your target market is Elegant and ball room type wedding client, show more of that on your website. Highlight that type of wedding so that your target market are able to connect with you. If you have outdated work, take it down as it is not a reflection of where you want to be.

Make sure that when a client lands on your page they are instantly connected with your work. If you are targeting high end brides and are using key words such as “Elegant Wedding Planner”, “Elegant Wedding Decor” and the clients are using these terms to find you, make sure you are properly reflecting this type of work on your site. Nothing worse than a client landing on a page that is misleading. They will leave immediately regardless of what you can offer them. Put your best work forward at all times. 

Contact us Page

Look up your website and take a look at your contact us page. Is it easy to find? Is your site clutter free? Do you have a contact us on only one page? Make sure clients are able to contact you easily. Your contact information should be on every page. Your location, phone number and email address should be located on your home page (very top-right corner) your footer, at the end of your services, on your blog and have a separate page with contact information. In other words, make it easy for clients to contact you.

Add your social media on the footer of your website and ensure the links are properly working. Like your updated portfolio, please ensure the landing pages reflect your style and brand! Don’t post personal things on your social media platforms unless it is somehow related.  

Only having a contact form can also be frustrating for potential vendors. Vendors that may want to work with you do not need to fill out a form in order to connect with you. Please ensure an email is visible for those that just want to contact you directly!

How do you capture Leads? 

How are you capturing your clients? When someone lands on your website, browses for a few minutes and leaves, did  you manage to at least get their email address? They may not be ready to purchase right away, but they need to be reminded of you from time to time. How are you ensuring this is happening? You need to create a landing magnets that will either capture them before they hit the exit button or while they are reading your content. Provide something enticing for an email exchange. Free work sheet, sample cake tasting, hair and make up do over, anything that will get them to give you an email address. Provide something that will not cost you much. Once they are signed you can email them tips and promotions.  Your email marketing should be geared towards them eventually booking your services. 

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Wedding Blog

Writing a blog has a lot of amazing benefits and your can read all about it right here! Not only can you show case your best work but it is great for Google and your SEO! Having a website with fresh content tells Google how relevant you are and is mostly going to show potential clients your website first when they are searching for vendors.  Make sure also blog about other vendors that you love working with so that you can show up for multiple key words. If you are a decorator, blog about wedding venues that you have worked with and tag them. When clients search for wedding decor ideas at ABC Venue, you should be able to show up and they are mostly likely going to book you. Remember to show only your best work. 

We have come up with best way to boost your blog for maximum results and you can get all the details right here! It will help you quickly boost your results on Google. If you really want your website to work for you, our E-Book has amazing tricks that you can either ask your web person to implement or you can do it yourself. Get the E-Book right here! 

And lastly, once you get a blog, please keep updating it. You can not write 4 to 5 blogs and expect to see results. You really need to put the work. And if a potential brides lands on it and sees work from 1 year ago, they will assume you are not in business or are just not serious! Keep it fresh in order to have client keep coming back.  If you want to get a blog in from of brides we have more information right here. This will show you how to write blogs that brides actually want to read and look at! 

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Happy Planning

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Leave us a comment below, telling us which of these you will implement right away. Great results happen because of the hard work you put into it.