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How do you define success? I define it by looking at how far my business has grown, the number of clients I currently have booked and my bottom line. You need to be able to be confident in yourself & business. How can you quickly grow your wedding business?

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5 Things you can do to quickly grow your wedding Business

5 Things you can do to quickly grow your wedding Business

  1. Plan. Did you know that if you want to really grow your wedding business then you need to consider putting a great plan in place to achieve this goal? You are more likely to hit your target goal if you plan. I keep a simple business plan that I update and tweak as my business changes and evolves. When you put your numbers on paper and figure out how to get there you are more likely to implement them, than if you do not. For example, aim to book 20 clients per year at your full wedding packages. Then come up with a strategy to get this done. For example, each month you need to book at least 2 clients. Follow a simple marketing strategy: Find clients on Facebook groups, at wedding shows as well as networking with other vendors. Use a referrals system
  2. Build connections with other vendors. You should make a point to connect with other vendors in your market in order to really grow your wedding business. This will help you tap into their circle of brides and hopefully, book you a client or two. Connect with vendors on social media, networking events or simply setting up a meet and greet. 
  3. Take on smaller events if you are just starting out. If you are new to the industry, take on only as many events as you can manage. You do not want to burn out too quickly. These events will still provide you with the experience you need, and possibly bring you more reoccurring business or referrals. This is great especially if you want to grow your wedding business.
  4. Collect wedding testimonials- I use Wedding Wire.  For every event you plan, be sure to collect those testimonials. Brides love referrals from past clients. They are there to testify that you can do what you say you can do!  This will help you land bigger clients in the future! Start collecting them no matter how small the event was. Go back to your list and email all past clients asking for referrals. 
  5. Join a Facebook Group. I am part of a few wedding groups online, especially on Facebook. They are groups of similar individuals that do exactly what I do and we can brainstorm, refer work, motivate each other and keep growing. These groups are great and will help lead you in the right direction for your business. My personal group ” Wedding Professional Hive” is an upcoming group of wedding professionals. We share marketing tips on a daily basis! 

Bonus tip: Follow up with potential clients. A colleague Ken Hatton has an awesome article about it right here!   

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5 Things you can do to quickly grow your wedding Business