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They are so many reasons why we believe that every wedding vendor should get Wedding PR for their business. In this day and age where everything is done online, it is crucial to have a positive listing up on the web to ensure your business survives. This is where wedding publicity comes into play.

Before we get started, we wanted to invite you to join our Wedding Pro group. And if you are serious about your Wedding business, then you should be on Pinterest. Join our Pinterest group and let the pinning party begin. We also dd want to mention that we use affiliate links on our posts, and if you purchase anything, we might make a commission.

Wedding PR gets you the recognition that your wedding business needs by highlighting your brand’s strengths through effective editorial coverage, taking part in events and connecting you with the right people that will blow your business. This will result in long-term lasting relationships, amazing Press which will increase your visibility and get you engaged customers. Through this process, you can get more bookings all year round. We work on achieving a meaningful and lasting impact that garners important press, increases visibility and, ultimately, engages customers for our clients.

This process is best for those that are looking to book clients over and over without spending marketing money on something that will not bring great results.

5 Ways to get Wedding PR with Culture Wedding

Highlighting your best feature:

This is the latest trend and the most effective way to get publicity for your business. We started this in late October and the response is amazing. The wedding community is embracing this more and more as we work hard to highlight your business from the outside world. Not only does this get you more Pageviews, backlink to your site from a reputable wedding blog, but this increases your visibility, gets you more followers, great exposure which some have reported to have boosted sales.

How does this feature work?

We work with you one on one to write a great post that highlights your best feature. The post is a 500 worded blog that focusses on why a couple should book you and how you can help them with their wedding. We post 5-10 photos of your best work to show how great you are. The bonus is you including testimonials from past weddings. 

This feature alone boosts your credibility which will increase bookings. For more information on how to get started, please contact us directly

Crafting blog posts that attracts your ideal clients

Did you know that you can use your blog to attract clients to your business? If done right, a blog can boost your business up to 70%. A lot of wedding vendors neglect this part of their marketing, but a blog is what brides use on a daily basis to help plan their wedding, find ideas and ultimately book a vendor.

How does this feature work?

We craft 2 amazing blog posts that you will add to your blog. We will do all the research to ensure you are using the right keywords, the right length post is provided to help with SEO which will help you get found on Google and we will design one image for each blog post that you will use to promote your work on social media. Eye-catching graphics that will get you clickthroughs.

For more information on how to get started, please contact us directly

Get your work featured on the blog

This is great for getting exposure and it will help you get noticed. We all know how crucial it is to get your work featured on a big wedding blog that attracts thousands of couples each month. With everything already mentioned, this will help you expand your niche market and potentially attract more clients.

How does this feature work?

You can find all the information about getting featured by contacting us directly.

Advertising on our side banner

We have the options for you to promote your work on our website side banner. Your logo or marketing content will be added to our side banner for exposure. Our minimum package booking space is 6 months at a time. This is a 300 x 300 ad that will be featured on our side banner and it is considered a more traditional advertisement option.

You can find all the information about getting Wedding PR for your wedding business by contacting us directly.


Combining the services to get more power

Why not combine a few services for more power. The more Wedding PR you get for your business, the more bookings. You may contact us to see which combo package will best suit your business. We want to ensure you get the best service for your money and we will work with you to achieve this.

Get publicity for your wedding business which will help secure more wedding business. We work very hard to ensure our clients’ brands are highlighted in order to give them the maximum results. With this in mind, we only work on 10 Wedding PR service per month. December through to February is our busy month due to engagement season.

Ready to get some wedding PR for your business this year? Spend the right amount of dollar on marketing that will work.

Contact us today.

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