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We are so happy to write about this amazing upcoming blog and brand – St-Lucia Travels! Where the whole focus of the website is all things St-Lucia. This is the beginning of many PR related and sponsored post opportunities that will be featured here at the Culture Chic Wedding PR site. St-Lucia Travels, our sister blog is an upcoming blog that will be a go-to hub for everything you need to know about the beautiful island. 

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St-Lucia Travel in a nutshell

St-Lucia Travels

Why are we in love with this blog and brand? Unlike most travel blogs, St-Lucia Travels is a blog dedicated only to one specific area – St-Lucia. It goes into a lot of details about all things St-Lucia and why you must visit them, plan weddings on the island as well as the many things you can do once on the Island. We connected with this brand in a way that you almost feel that you are in St. Lucia yourself.

We learn more about the culture of St-Lucia, how to have fun while in St-Lucia, how to connect with the people and pretty much what you can expect. It goes into so many more details about how to connect with the locals to have the ultimate experience while visiting the place.

A few things to expect from St-Lucia Travels:

A Stunning Wedding at Villa Susanna in St-Lucia 

Everything you need o know about St.Lucia before you travel

Travel for Two: How to Plan the perfect Couples retreat to St. Lucia 

10 Things you must do in St. Lucia to have fun

The Island is such a beautiful breathtaking place which has so much to offer its tourist. To find a brand that is willing to go deeper and share with the rest of the World what to expect is unbelievable. Among so many other blogs that offer information about the island, St-Lucia Travels has so much to offer with every piece of information available to those wishing to plan a trip down South in one location. 

What to expect from St-Lucia Travels

This is only the beginning of this amazing blog and brand. They are working to partner with other amazing brands to bring the best of St. Lucia. They are here to put St. Lucia on the map. If you are looking to visit this Island, be sure to read up on it on where you will get the best deals, saving tips and ideas on what to do, what to eat and how to mingle while in St- Lucia.

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St. Lucia Travels