You can plan a wedding in your sleep. When it comes to writing the copy for your website, it’s a totally different story. While you can talk about wedding planning all day long, when you sit down to write, you freeze (maybe you even sweat).

Stop staring at a blank page and a blinking cursor on your screen and use these seven steps to turn your website copy from ho-hum to let’s get this party started.

7 Ways to Write Your Wedding Web Copy Like a Pro

7 Ways to Write Your Wedding Web Copy Like a Pro

#1 Hook ‘Em with a Headline

Every single page on your site needs a headline that hooks them, draws them in, and makes them want to read every stinkin’ word. Use a headline on each page that intrigues them, tells them how working with you can benefit them, and what your business is all about.

#2 Become a Storyteller

Everyone loves a great story, right? Right. Use a client’s story, use your own story, or simply set the scene for them. Each page on your site should tell the story of that page – with a beginning, a middle, and an end.

#3 Give Them Only the “Benes”

Focus on the benefits of your service, rather than listing out a bunch of features. They don’t care that the flowers are yellow. They want to know how the fact that the flowers are yellow makes them feel, makes their event look, etc. Benefits are the emotional side of the feature you’re offering.

#4 Use More You

Speak directly to them by using “you” and “your.” It makes it seem as if you are having a conversation with them rather than some stuffy business trying to cram your service down their throat.

#5 Break Up Your Copy

Use headlines, sub-headlines, and bullet points to break up the copy. People like to skim website pages to see if the page holds the info they are seeking. If they find it during a scan, they read. If they don’t find it, they leave. It’s that simple.

#6 Be You

Be you when you write. Nobody else can do it. Write like you’re having a conversation with a bride or groom that’s sitting right in front of you. Allow your personality to come out so they get to know you and want to hire you before ever meeting you.

#7 Get ‘Em to Act

Every single page of your website also needs a call to action. Once you get them to the end of the page, tell them EXACTLY what you want to them to do next. Tell them to call you and give them your number. Tell them to check out your packages and pricing and send them to that page. Get them to click on your Book Now Button. Whatever it is that you want them to do, just tell them.

Think of each page of your site as a journey – a journey you are taking potential clients when they land on your page. Grab them by the hand and lead them on the journey. In other words, make them do exactly what you want them to do with these seven ways.

Kristie Lorette McCauley is a former certified wedding planner. She’s now The Wedding Planner Copywriter. Kristie offers wedding planners DIY + do-it-for-you copy solutions that book calendars solid. Want to write copy so swoonworthy wedding couples are standing in line to hire you? Grab Kristie’s Writing Survival Kit for Planners, which includes a Dream Client Worksheet, 40 Marketing Lessons for Planners, a Headline Cheat Sheet, and 25 Blog Post Ideas for Planner. It’s free.

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