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Selling Weddings

Want to learn more about how to create wedding packages for your business that sell and keep you in business?

After all, you are in business to make money and selling weddings should be your goal. 

Ideally, you want to have minimum one wedding a month to be profitable. If you are have multiple weddings going for you, then you are golden to say the least! 

If you have a poor wedding website, bad photos and no reviews, chances of actually booking wedding is slim to none. 

And if your wedding packages do not scream book me now, I am afraid you will not get very far as an entrepreneur.

We extremely honored to have you here today as we are excited to share with you great tips on how to how to increase wedding business. 

Selling to Brides

Basically, my wedding business grew because I made sure I had an attractive wedding blog and enticed my couples with great wedding copy. 

Meaning I wood them using creative words on my website. But I found that creating a wedding package that was really enticing and too good to pass up was what did it for my wedding business. 

And by constantly marketing and tweaking these packages ensured that I was always booked for weddings even up to two years in advance. 

Ready to learn more about selling weddings using wedding packages? 

Before we get started on how to create wedding packages for your business that sell, we wanted to invite you to follow us On Instagram. Don’t forget to give us a follow on Instagram so we can also promote you. We want you to know that we use affiliate links on our posts, and if you purchase anything, we might make a commission.

You are here today because you have the following questions: 

How can I promote my wedding business?

How do I get clients for my event planning business?

How do wedding planners get clients?

How do I advertise my wedding planning business to get more weddings?

Do you have a wedding package that brides can look at to book your wedding services.

How To Create Wedding Packages for your Business That Sell 

Should you have a wedding package?

A wedding package is the best way to showcase your services and products to your potential clients. Most companies do not offer packages as they believe each service is custom designed for a client “Not every wedding is the same”!

That is true.  

But I believe having something to show your client is better than having nothing at all.

They should be able to immediately see what you offer when they land on your wedding website.

Not having anything to showcase on your site, wedding shows and marketing material could lead your clients to book elsewhere as they might not even know they need your service.

To do, we really wanted to focus on finding of selling weddings by focusing on ways to create wedding packages for your business that sell. 

Selling wedding packages that you can use to book more weddings. We encourage wedding planners to looking into ways to increase wedding business!

Creating Wedding Packages that can boost your business sales?

Before we get started, if you do not have a copy of “Shut Up and Sell More Weddings & Events“, you need to grab yourself a copy today!

It’s totally affordable and a wedding planner, I really recommend investing in your business to make more money. The book will give the confidence and  the tools, to make more wedding sales!

They are so money wedding books we recommend, but this is the best one.

Now one wedding tool we highly recommend you create for your business is a wedding package. 

But before you consider creating a wedding package, you need to determine how much money you want to make per year and how many clients you are able to book as a business owner.

The whole process is discussed in our course: We give you the step by step process for determining your special wedding numbers.

Do you know what your Ideal client wants and needs?

Before producing the wedding package, you need to know what it is that your ideal clients are looking for.

In order for you to really design a wedding package that sales, determine the needs of your clients so you can incorporate these needs into the package.

No one will buy from you if they do not need what you are selling.

It’s as simple as that, period!

If you are a make up artist and you also offer eye lashes, don’t forget to show case this product.

Really emphasize how the look of fake eye lashes can enhance a clients’ overall look as well as tell them the pros of having this product.

Show her photos of a before shot and the after shot so she can fully understand what it means to purchase lashes from you and why yours is better than the competitions.

A client will trust you enough to purchase or upgrade this service.

If you are a wedding photographer, why not add portraits to your packages?

Including these elements as part of an upgrade or added value will make your packages sound and look more enticing which makes selling weddings so much more easier.

Clients will want to purchase it no matter the price as they see the value you are adding to it.

Want to know how to create a wedding package that will sell regardless of price?

Check out our online course which has well over 70 wedding professionals that are learning how to create great wedding packages as well as tweaking packages they already have in place to promote and book more weddings.

The wedding course outlines and details exactly how to book over $50, 000 worth of wedding business!

You definitely want to keep your packages as simple as possible otherwise clients will start to email you asking if they can remove certain elements or in some cases add to it.

Keep in mind that you will still need to be flexible in order to meet each clients individual needs. 

If you have a lot of small other items you would like to promote, create an “A la Carte Wedding packages” for clients to add and remove.

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How many wedding packages should you offer?

We highly recommend having between 3-4 packages that you can offer your clients.

I think 3 for sure!

Most client will typically purchase the middle packages. The first package is usually more simple and offers really the basic of what a client might need.

And the middle wedding package should have just enough services or offer to meet the clients’ needs!

Your last wedding package should have everything you can possibly do for a client and more. 

If you do have a fourth wedding package this can be made out as an A La Carte option or the best package we have on our site is the all inclusive wedding package similar to what destination wedding packages offer.

That is really my top seller and one that makes my wedding function. 

The package is discussed in detail in our ONLINE WEDDING COURSE: how to book over $50, 000 Of Wedding Business.

It is an irresistible wedding package that is designed to increases your booking rates.

This package is designed to increase your bookings to almost 50% more than your normal bookings per year.

What’s your top seller?

Our top seller is our all inclusive wedding package as it has so much added value to it that a client can’t simply say no to it.

We have a simple recipe we follow and have put together to make it so irresistible that we get tones of emails in regards to this particular wedding package.

For most wedding vendors that have 3 packages, we are assume package 2 (the middle package) is what most of your clients go for.

In this case, make sure it is priced right and is enough to meet your yearly goals. 

How to set up your wedding packages to sell more:

What’s your most popular wedding package?

As we determined, mine is the all inclusive wedding package and yours could be the second or maybe the 3rd option that you typically offer!

Once you know exactly which of your wedding packages is your best and top seller, price it out accordingly.

Are you looking to make this gig your full time job?

Ensure you are pricing it correctly so you are not making a loss or even struggling every month.

The first step is to ensure your first or basic package is just above your normal minimum price so that you are not making a loss.

Your minimum price is the least amount of money you would consider booking a client for in order not to make a loss.  

But it should be extremely basic that it does not take up so much of your time working on.

Your second wedding package pricing should be higher as this will be much more time consuming than your basic package to plan and organize.

Definitely ensure the price point is above normal price and give it more added value.

In other words, make it extremely irresistible for your couples and ensure the package is an easy sell.

Why should they book your wedding package over any other vendor?

What are you offering as a bonus or special that they should definitely want to book with you? Mention this bonus or special on the package and if possible add the value special outside of your package by highlighting it. 

Your final and last package should have it all.

Or almost all of it!

Give it all you have without making it too cluttered.

Remember to keep it simple, enticing and irresistible.

It should be twice or three times more than your basic package. And aim to book this package at least once or twice a year by really promoting it as much as you can.

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Naming your packages…

Give your packages unique names but keeping it simple.

Don’t get too creative as you may lose the meaning. Remember some of these name can be used for SEO purposes which means if found on Google, it will really help with the bookings.

So naming your basic package “Keeping it simple”- won’t help with SEO purposes. or simply using Package 1, 2, 3!

Outline your packages on your website and offer to send them a more detailed package via email, should the client want more information.

This will also guarantee you get the clients email address for follow up purposes.

Are you currently selling weddings successfully? 

We definitely want to hear all about in the comments below. 

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