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Ever just googled the word “weddings” on your search engine? So many different blogs pop up from the blogosphere. So many is an understatement, it’s more like millions and millions of blogs and websites. So how can you create a gorgeous wedding blog that is sure to capture you leads that will turn into clients?

First let’s start by find out why they are so many wedding blogs out there? A wedding blog is designed to help potential brides, wedding specialists and those that are just obsessed with weddings by offering them the benefits of getting great ideas, inspiration, suggestions, stories and memories for some. People that are planning weddings especially tend to enjoy browsing wedding blogs for tips and ideas.


How to create a gorgeous wedding blog that books you weddings?

How to create a gorgeous wedding blog that books you weddings

Have a Game plan! 

Start with a great plan and stick to it. Understand who it is you are trying to target? If is an elite client, consider having an amazing website to go with that brand. Put yourself in your clients shoes and create a blog that would appeal to them as a bride. If the site you are using does not work, then get a better design. You will need to under your clients likes and dislikes, what they look for in a wedding and what type of blogs and magazines they read. If I was blogging for brides that had expensive tastes, I would be looking for brides that read Style Me Pretty, someone that enjoys good wine and food and a bride that is looking at having an elegant wedding with lace and pretty things. 

Your Theme speaks a Thousand words! 

You must absolutely have a beautiful site that is practical and engaging at the same time. I created my own website. I bought an absolutely gorgeous design from **Coded Creative. They are amazing to work with. Why did I choose this particular theme? I felt that it was a responsive site and would do the work for me. Not only was it gorgeous but it would help me capture leads that I would add to my mailing list which enables me to make money in the long run. If your website is just pretty and doesn’t do the work of capturing weddings, then it is not the site right for you. You need something that will get you inquiries at least every single day.  The theme also made it easy for me to customize and edit, in such a way that I felt it would benefit my business. Bonus for the girls at Coded Creative Theme for being awesome. They were by my side every step of the way. 

Coded Creative Wedding Theme

The theme for my current blog is *Mary Ellen and you can get it on Coded Creative theme *right here. It works perfect with WordPress and believe me, it is easy to install. They have great instructions on how to install the whole theme. Other themes that might be awesome for a wedding creative includes: The *Market theme  and the *Style theme

Is your blog consistent and engaging? 

You should be consistent if you are looking at capturing loyal fans or even getting returning clients. If you are going to blog weekly then set a day in which you will publish your blog as well as the time. This will not only get you in the habit of consistency but your clients will always know when to watch out for your latest post. Engage with your clients by asking them questions, responding to comments and by showing up when a clients needs you. Remember just because your loyal readers are not yet clients, it does not mean they they might not become one in the future. You are just nurturing them. 

With all the pretty blogs out there, make sure your wedding blog stands out. Give your readers an amazing experience every time they land on your blog. 

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Start a wedding blog

Stay tuned to see how we make money as a wedding blogger! For now, start that blog and build a successful wedding business.


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