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So you are interested in doubling your wedding business but are feeling stuck? You are creative and love what you do and you know you can have so much success but not sure how to even get clients. You whipped up your website, you have a Facebook and Instagram account but no leads are coming through. You are ready for results but feel like you are constantly pushing yourself to try harder and aren’t seeing the results you are looking for. When we started making tweaks in our wedding business we saw crazy results. We didn’t just double our wedding sales,  we saw a 70% increase in booking in just 2 months. Yes two!  We continued to see growth even as we write this. 

The success did not happen overnight, it took about 3 months of implementing our strategies. And once we did, we were getting more emails than what we could keep up with. With hard work and systems in place we were able to see radical results. We want nothing more than this for you to see the same success.

That is why we have created this absolutely FREE course just for you. This isn’t months of content. Or even 30 days. We are asking you to just invest 5-minutes a day for 5-days. During those 5-days we will be giving you all our juiciest tactics and our time saving tricks. Inside the course you will learn:

Double and grow your Wedding Business by getting more clients

Double and grow your Wedding Business by getting more clients

  • How to double your wedding sales
  • How to prevent the dread question – “How much is it for an 8 hour wedding package?” especially over email
  • Turn those wedding visitors from your website into Wedding Inquiries
  • How to turning these emails into wedidng consultations
  • How to start booking weddings RIGHT now

Can’t believe we can cram that all into less time than it takes you to watch the latest episode of Grey’s Anatomy? You better believe.


Who is this course good for? 

Who is this course good for? Are you a wedding planner? A wedding photographer? Maybe a hairstylist or a Wedding Designer! This is for all wedding vendors! As long as you are in the wedding industry! This is great for anyone that is starting out in the industry, maybe you need a refresher or maybe you are stuck with only booking 10 weddings a year! Start running a profitable wedding business now! 

Sign up now to get instant access to not only this FREE course but fun marketing tips along the way! We are here to see you succeed! 

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