How to run your Wedding Business while you are on Vacation

Anyone else thinking about going on vacation anytime soon? I had my best trip yet when I went to Saint Lucia this past July. I will be blogging about that awesome vacation real soon so make sure to come back for more. I literally packed my bags in the middle of wedding season and flew myself out for a one week vacation to the gorgeous Island of Saint Lucia. Looking back at some of my photos, it makes me just want to go back ASAP! I had an amazing time and I would do it all over again. In fact, I am currently planning my next trip. This brings us to our blog today: How to run your wedding business while you are on vacation. This blog is also great for any small business owner planning to take some time off. Keep reading my friends. 

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For a lot of small business owners, especially those that focus on client based operations on a daily basis, taking time off can be extremely difficult. Ever felt nervous just telling your clients that you may be planning a small trip with your family or friends? The thought itself gets some people so nervous that they have mini anxiety attacks. So how can you easily take time off and really enjoy your time away from home without taking work with you.

We created a quick check list you can download right here: A To do list before going on vacation! 

How to run your Wedding Business while you are on Vacation

How to run your wedding business while on vacation

First Step: Let all your clients know WAY in advance. 

If you know that you are planning on taking vacation and actually going away for it, let all your clients know well in advance. And we mean as soon as you know. I knew I was going away sometime in July and by January of that year I gave my clients my notice. Give them the time frame of when you will not be available for them. For example, “I will be away on vacation from June 1st to the 7th”. As long as you communicate this sooner than later, most people will be understanding for the most part. Don’t expect a client to be understanding if you tell them two to three weeks prior to your get away time. Be reasonable. 

Second Step: Outlining the plan

You need to let them know what the plan is way in advance and what to expect. If you will not be available to communicate at all with them while on vacation, let them know this. For example, all emails will be responded upon your arrival on such a day. If you have an associate or assistant, you may tell the client that your associate will only be responding to urgent emails or calls while on vacation. If you work alone, tell your client, unless extremely urgent, you won’t respond to any emails. I typically still work on some clients files while away. It all depends. I sometimes block off one hour a day while on vacation to do some work (but YOU do NOT have to do this). It just makes it easier on me for the return so I am not piled up. In most cases, you should not have lot’s to do if everything was well communicated and you are organized. 

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Step 3: Get things done before you leave

Before you leave on vacation, meet up with all your clients for final meetings, answer or deal with any urgent items and cross of any to do list that you still have. In fact make sure you are way ahead of the game. I typically have a 12 month plan with all my clients that have “due dates on them”. I try to do two to three weeks worth of work ahead of time based on each clients’s to-do list. Respond to all emails, phone calls, and inquiries before heading out. If you have an associate, please pass on all work to them before heading out.

Don’t forget to leave your clients with homework. This will ensure that they do not stress you out when you are away. For example: Get them to work on their guest list and start collecting addresses. Or start collecting inspirational photos that you will go through together upon your return. Just give them something to keep them busy for the duration of your vacation.

Step 4: Let your computer/software do all the work for you! 

This is where your automation system will come into play. What can you automate? Your emails, all your social media posts, blogs and auto-response emails can be all scheduled ahead of time! I love this. If you do email marketing or send out campaigns consider writing and scheduling these before you leave. Use Hoot suite, Edgar and BoardBooster (Or what ever else you might use) to schedule all your social media posts. Don’t forget to also let people know you are on vacation. I usually do a few posts on social media with “We are on vacation, returning on….”! This way people are reminded and no one is freaking out!

Step  5: Our last tips is for you to enjoy yourself

You are on vacation so take some time to enjoy yourself! Have fun with family and friends. Your family will appreciate your full attention so make sure you give this to them!


Ready to book your trip? I am for sure!

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