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Engagement season is here and you have no bookings or inquires. Want to learn how you can get more wedding leads and clients for your wedding business? Before you can determine how to get more leads for your wedding business, you need to know exactly where your leads are currently coming from. From here, you will be able to determine how to work with that source of referral to book even more weddings. The more leads you can get for your wedding business, the more bookings you get. 

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I typically get 6-8 wedding inquiries via email per week in the busy booking season (Holiday and wedding show seasons). Out of this, I get about 4 that will respond to my initial email response and from there I book and schedule all my wedding consultations (If you do not have a wedding consultation form, get your copy here).   Out of my 4 wedding consultations, I would secure 3 bookings. If you want to double this, then you need to double the number of wedding inquiries you get per week. 

My number one source of wedding referral is through my website and these come directly from Google. My website is currently on the 1st page of Google and I am in the 4 position. If you are not on the first page of Google it will be a little hard to get more inquiries. You would probably need to focus on other ways to attract brides such as social media . They are little tricks and tips you can utilize to get yourself on the first page of Google and we discuss this in our E-Book here!  

Google is the best place to get traffic. If clients are not following you on social media, they should be able to find you by doing a quick Google search. We recommend putting your efforts into getting on the first page of Google if possible (Without spending money on it). 

How To Get More Leads For Your Wedding Business

How to get more leads for your wedding business

Here are the places that I get my wedding leads from:

These are the main sources of referral leads that I get my wedding leads from. Where do your wedding clients come from?  Make a detailed list of where they come from. These need to be real leads that turn into client bookings. If you are getting over 20 potential wedding leads from Facebook but zero of these leads turn into clients then that is not a good source of referral. If you are getting 5 clients because they read your wedding blog and 3 of these turn into wedding inquiries and clients then that’s your focus point. If you are not sure how to turn your wedding inquiries into clients we wrote an amazing blog post here that you can refer to. 

Now that you have a list of all the places that your potential wedding referrals can come from, how can you focus more on that area to bump up the number of wedding leads? Make it easy by focusing on two items on your list. If it is social media, create a social media strategy/ calendar and focus on posting more. If you are getting more wedding inquires coming from your wedding blog, then blog more. If you are currently blogging twice a week and attracting brides, try blogging twice a week and see if your traffic grows.  

Focus on what is working for you right now and do more of that. Don’t stress by looking at other options. You are only creating more work for yourself.

If you are new to the wedding business and have not yet figured out where your client sources will be coming from, I would recommend blogging more frequently. This will bring you the traffic you need to attract more brides to your website. I will then focus on Social media as brides typically hang out on social media. 

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