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Not sure what social media platforms you should be focusing on as a wedding Professional? They are so many social media platforms out there for you to choose from. As we are all well aware, every time we wake up, a few other social platforms are constantly popping up here and there (or so it feels like it). With all the different options you have, we suggest sticking to at least 3 social media platforms that will really benefit you in the long run. This way you are not overwhelmed and you can spend the time you have focusing on really reaping the benefits of your social media strategies and getting the results that you want. 

Social Media for Wedding Professionals

Social Media for Wedding Professionals – What is the best Social Media Platform for you?

  1. We suggests mastering Facebook! Facebook is the platform that every wedding professional should be using to market to brides. Brides are literally on Facebook, everyday, looking for Inspiration from other brides. This typically happens in Facebook groups. In order to become a pro on Facebook and make it work for you, you need to make a few changes. Update your Facebook page and give it a new brand look. Go ahead and update your profile picture with a picture of yourself, or your team or Logo (Logo is typically frowned upon as you want your potential brides to connect with you on Facebook). Then go ahead and update your main picture and update all the important information on your page. Read more about attracting brides on Facebook right here! It outlines the steps you need to take to get brides to fall in love with your work. The key to getting Facebook to work for you, is posting consistently. Post at least twice a day, every other day and see how this works for you. Once you can handle this, you can up it to 3 times a day, every single day! Look at Facebook pages as such BRIDES or Style Me Pretty as inspiration! They do it right. No time for social media- Let us do it!The Loverly Wedding
  2. Instagram is growing and it is growing really fast! Brides are extremely visual and we know this! The best way to show off your work on a platform that focuses on the visual elements of social media, is on Instagram! Let’s get started with your Strategy- The same thing will apply as the Facebook. Keep your work branded and focused. Try not to over post on Instagram. Posting once a day is sufficient and it will do the trick. If you want to see how we have used Instagram to attract brides , read all the details right here! And if you are not sure about what to post, we have you covered here!  Keep your work completely branded if you want brides to follow you. Post a few of your work, behind the scenes and some great quotes to keep brides enticed and excited! The secret to getting found on Instagram is using HashTags. These are Keywords that will group your work and attract brides. Our next post will focus on the HashTags you need to use to find your ideal brides. If you would like to be notified of this, sign up here

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3. You guessed which social media platform is next – Pinterest! Not only are brides using this platform to find wedding Inspiration everyday, but they are on it daily. How many times have you met a bride and they are showing you inspiration from Pinterest? Always! In order for some of your work to show up as well as brides are searching on Pinterest you need to post consistently. Every time you search something on Pinterest, it will show you the most relevant pins with the most repins , the most likes, those with descriptions and those with key words. That’s why every thing you post should be named appropriately, you should always fill out the description box and attach key words to it. Name your boards with appropriate key words. Instead of “Pretty Wedding things I like”- Name it “Purple Wedding Inspiration” or Rustic Wedding Ideas”. This way when a bride searches for these key words, you will show up. The more you Pin, the more Pinterest will show your work to brides. I post 50 pins a day using a tool called – BoardBooster! Read our post on how to “Use Pinterest to Plan your brides” Wedding. 

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