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As a professional PR Firm that caters to wedding professionals in the industry, we have been asked to share the different strategies  we have used in the past for attracting and getting new clients countless of times. In the wedding industry, you need to work extremely hard to get the type of ideal clients  that become re-occurring clients in order to be successful! How do you get these clients? (You can read all about been a Successful wedding Planner if you need more help). We have come with 6 ways to attract your ideal bride by being a badass online and the tips are amazing. Read on…

6 ways to attract your ideal bride by being a badass online

I’m aware that you’d probably like a more concrete and actionable answer, so here are:

6 ways to attract your ideal bride by being a badass online

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Think about your clients when creating blog content

You need to consider the type of clients you are wanting to attract to your blog. Don’t write budget friendly tips on a blog that is trying to attract high end brides! You should definitely consider what problems your clients are facing that go WITH your expertise. Try to solve these issues on your blog!

Promote your own content- Promote, promote, promote and more promotion!

I am always talking about how blogging can definitely help you get more clients! Try signing up for our blogging course here and see how you will benefit. The course is designed to increase your blog traffic and help you land on the first page of Google if you follow the steps. We have blogged for a few our our clients, and they swear that the clients have found them through the blog. Why? Simple, brides are constantly looking for inspiration on blogs and Pinterest. Well, once you blog, you can always share your work on Pinterest!  Making valuable content available for free is SO helpful in building consistent traffic, turning yourself into an expert in your niche, and building trust with your audience. But sharing your own posts is the first step in getting other people to share them for you. Our E book is guaranteed to boost your blog even further!

Reach out to other vendors for referrals

Once you start seeing a lot of traffic and clients come through, you may not always be able to accommodate them, why not send them to another contact? If they are not within your budget or are not your niche, always recommend. The vendor will also return the favor! Once you have a list of vendors that are constantly referring people to, make sure to share your blog with them and encourage them to share it on their social media platforms! Put yourself out there!

Share your availability on social media

You’re probably gaining new followers on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram all the time and they may not be aware that you’re taking on new clients. Sharing that you’re now booking clients for January (yes, even if you’re just starting or are always available) is a great way to remind them to keep you in mind. Even if they don’t take you up on those January spots, they might know someone who will. Extra points for creating a graphic to go along with your post!

Make sure your portfolio includes testimonials

Brides are constantly looking for a review and a good portfolio! Make sure you are adding a portfolio on your website. Go the extra mile and blog about your review. This link can be sent to potential brides when they inquire about your services! A simple line ……”Please see what are past clients are saying about us here – Insert link” They want to know they are getting the best of whatever they are investing in with you.

The same goes for your services – no matter how convincing your sales copy and how great your work looks, people still want to hear from someone else to make such it’s worth their money. Ask your past clients to share the best part of working with you or how it helped their business/life/etc. and add these to your portfolio with their photo and an image of their wedding.

Be helpful on your blog and social media

Personally, this is one of the biggest benefits to any wedding business. Always respond to your emails, blog comments and social feeds! It will show brides that you are approachable and they can work with you! If brides know they can come to you for help with a small problems or a quick question, they’ll be thinking of you the next time they or someone they know needs help with something bigger.

We hoped you enjoyed our blog on “6 ways to attract your ideal bride by being a badass online”! Go ahead and try one item on the list. Leave us a comment below telling which item you are going to try.

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