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The best marketing tool you can have for your business is a wedding blog! And if are already blogging, you are ahead of your competition and doing the right thing! If you do not have a blog, you need to get on it and we have tips on how you to build a very successful wedding blog right here! Wedding professionals are seeing great results from blogging and you should definitely consider joining the crew! We have our top 10 ways to boost your wedding business right here on this blog! Below you will find the reasons why we think blogging will do wonders for your wedding business! 50 Ways to Market your business with no Marketing dollars and we have it all below. 

50 Ways to Market your business with no Marketing dollars

Why Do we Believe in the Power of Blogging?  

Google Loves this. 

Google’s search engine loves blogs because you are constantly creating fresh content. Content is key and Google loves it. You will do extremely well if other wedding vendors can link your website to their work. I find it easy to get links when you collaborate with vendors. When they blog, they typically tag and link everyone that took part in a particular wedding, event, or style shoot that you collaborated with! The more links you have, the better for you. Try meeting with some vendors and ask for a link exchange! Trust me, it will do you only good, especially in the long run! Your ranking will be top notch and  it will help in getting you in first on Google’s page. Every blog post should be posted on your social media platforms to promote it. Not once, but multiple times through out the month! 

Your Brides Love Blogs

Brides love reading blogs. Gone are the days of wedding magazines, brides are now doing research online, mostly at work! Having fresh content only keeps them motivated to come to you and that’s why we ask you are consistent. If you choose to have a new post come out every Monday at 7 am, then make sure it is every Monday at 7 am. Don’t do 8 pm, brides were expecting new contact that morning. Always have a call to action at the end of your blog. This client can become a potential client, give them a way to contact you and even better, a reason to contact you. One reason is to give them a Freebie – ” Enter here for a chance to win a Free Engagement shoot” or “Tell us how he proposed for a chance to get 30% of a wedding dress” ! This is more enticing than “Contact us today for more information” – Trust me! Don’t forget to get our free guide below on 50 Ways to Market your business with no Marketing dollars. 

A Wedding Blog produces quality Leads

Have brides sign up for frequent updates to your blog that way they never miss your awesome blog posts. You can include some sort of subscription collect more information such as wedding dates. Either way, you have not collected an email to add to your data base and market to theses brides until they become clients. Email marketing is the new black! We will cover more about this in the near future! 

Blog on

Start blogging today to see success! It typically takes six months for Google to crawl your website. The early you start, the better for you. Remember, your blog is your marketing platform, use it wisely and the key is to collect emails. Find a way to get leads to register.

We have 50 more free ideas you can use to market your wedding business. Download our guide below  which outlines the top 50 Ways to Market your business with no Marketing dollars.

If you would like to boost your wedding blog, follow our Pinterest strategy right here to get more traffic to your blog. Our Pinterest Strategy is designed to dramatically grow your traffic in less than an hour per week, Attract the right brides and subscribers who will become raving fans and clients, authentically stand out and become the go-to wedding professional and resource in your niche!

Get this, you can achieve all of this growth by simply using Pinterest more strategically.Trust us!!!

What is included in the “50 Ways to Market your business with no Marketing dollars”?

  • Free marketing tips
  • Places to promote your wedding
  • How to get a exposure for your wedding business
  • Where to post your wedding blog after you publish it for exposure
  • Places to find brides and book more weddings
  • How to optimise your social media pages to attract more brides and much more

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