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We all want to book more clients for our wedding business. That’s the main goal! The idea is to eventually do this full time instead of a side hustle! To do so, you have to be constantly looking for creative ways to attract these clients hopefully without spending a lot of money. If you don’t already have some sort of social media platform that you are using to attract your potential clients, get on it today.

Before attempting to attract clients, you need to know where your ideal clients are. Who is your ideal clientele and where do they shop? I can tell you that Facebook and Instagram is where we find a majority of our clientele. In order to attract them to us instead of the competition, this is what we do:

5 Ways to Book Weddings using Social Media

5 Ways to Book Weddings using Social Media

  • WE ENGAGE OUR CLIENTS WITH PICTURES! The wedding industry is a pretty visual industry. Brides want to see and feel things before they can purchase. They need to connect with what you are selling in order for them to visualize what their wedding could potentially look like. The best way to do that is by using photos from your past weddings. A picture is definitely worth a thousand words. Use high quality photos and try to keep with your company brand.The best platform for this would be INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK & PINTEREST! We have a great post about how you can attract more brides and how to help them plan their wedding by using this Pinterest Strategy

How to attract more brides

5 Ways to Book Weddings using Social Media

  • SHOW OFF YOUR WORK! Feature your work in wedding blogs such as Wedluxe, Style Me Pretty Canada and Weddings Bells! And get at least 2 features in your local town wedding blogs such as ours. When you get featured, show these off on your Facebook page, Instagram and link it to Pinterest. Brides are always looking for inspiration. Make sure your photos are diverse. Show photos of different table settings, a particular venue, provide different looks to entice your clients. Make sure you are able to show different themes and styles that you can design. This will show your potential brides that you can accommodate to a wide variety of styles and themes. Showing your diversity will stand you apart from your competition. 
  • HOST A COMPETITION! Host a competition on your social media Platforms. Facebook is the best place to do that. Brides get really excited when they are able to win something. This lucky bride and groom won their entire wedding package in Ottawa with Wedding in a box. The excitement leading up to the win, got a lot of brides and grooms excited. Encourage the couples to share your posts and comments on your page for a chance to win. Examples of things that you can give away, free hair and Make up trial- Make up artist, bridal bouquet- florist, engagement shoot-photographer, a CD with good ceremony or reception songs samples- DJ and so on. After a couple wins, find different ways to up sell the rest of your packages to them.
  • PERSONALIZE YOUR POSTS! Yes we are trying to market and attract clients to increase sales and bookings. We suggests sharing other vendors work and do not make every post about you! Brides and grooms will likely un follow you. The point is to keep them on your list in order to entice them into booking you. Use our 80/20 rule. 80% of your post should be real weddings, inspirations, helpful tips, sharing of other vendors work and the other 20% could be used to market! We can assist you with this. Our Social Media Management package is good for this.
  • SHOW SOME LOVE! It’s not always about you! You are part of a team that makes up the bride’s wedding. Why not share the work of your favorite vendors that worked the wedding with you! Every blog or social post should give credit to those that worked with you. Tag them in your social media platform and they are likely to share the post. Who knows, you might get a client contact you because they saw the post. Every opportunity counts!

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How does your company acquire new customers on social media? Let us know in the comments.

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