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They are a couple of questions you need to ask yourself before thinking of branding your business! What is your favorite brand? Why do you buy that particular brand? Ask yourself  all these questions. I personally love Michael Kors Purses! The brand is typically more expensive than a regular purse but that’s my style, that’s what I like and that’s what I prefer as a purse. Where do you go for coffee? I love Starbucks myself. See what’s happening here? Ask yourself if a potential bride will be attracted to your style of work or product. The key is to get clients to connect with your brand and purchase your services or products no matter the price, just because they love you. How can you achieve this?

4 Ways to book Wedding clients using your Brand

4 Ways to book Wedding clients using your Brand

Learn from Beyonce. Beyonce owns the House of Dereon clothing line and you can see her constantly rocking her designs. Show off your brand and people will come knocking down to purchase it.

4 Ways to book Wedding clients using your Brand

  1. FIND YOUR STYLE! Why should a client purchase from you and not the competition. Your brand should give the client a reason to connect. Your brand needs to be strong and recognizable in order for any one to connect with it.
  2. BE CONSISTENT WITH YOUR BRAND. You need to be consistent with everything you bring out on social media in order not to confuse your clients. If your colours are white and pink, we should see this a lot. You can’t be black and white the next day.  You will loose your market if a client is used to a certain type of style and you are different the next day. Your dress code, Facebook, blog, Pinterest should all be the same down to the font you use. This should also be reflected on print such as business cards, contracts and any paper work that you use.
  3. FIND YOUR VOICE! Your voice should go hand in hand with your brand aesthetics! You may be wondering, “what is your brand voice?” Your brand voice is how you communicate with your clients. Think about the different ways you communicate with your clients and ensure you are consistent with your brand. Some of the different ways communicate is through blogging, flyers, over the phone, face to face at trade shows! The way you write and talk should reflect your brand. Don’t be a robot with no personality. We can not stress enough how important connection is with your clients.
  4. SPEAK YOUR CLIENTS LANGUAGE! You need to understand what your clients are searching for, how they go about finding this information and how they communicate with you in terms of getting information. It is important that you use the phrases and the language they use in order to easily connect with them. If they are searching for “Need help finding a rustic like venue with a touch of modern look” – ensure you are using these phrases somewhere on your website/blog. “We are a beautiful modern venue with a touch of rustic influences to it”. Make it easy for them to find you.
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