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If you want to be a successful wedding or event planner, you need to constantly be on top of new and up coming trends in your industry and Niche. How Do You Stand Out From the competition? Your ideas need to be fresh and creative at all times in order to stand out from your immediate competition. They are a few things you can do to take your wedding and event planning skills to the next level in order to beat your event competition and look like your own your stuff! 

So How Do You Stand Out From the Competition?

How to stand apart from the Competition in the wedding Industry

Your target market should be people that you want to work with because you both have a certain style!

As an event planner it is important to stand out from the rest of the crowd and act like a trendsetter in your industry. Which event planner do you admire? Why do you admire them? How did they get to be so successful? What are they doing different from most planners to get more weddings? 

Most event and wedding planners are successful because they do things that are out of this world that clients really admire and want. Think of what you can do to take your clients’ experience from awesome to brilliant. You can do this by creating themed event, by proving your brides with over the top wow entertainment or giving guests an out of this world experience. (Remember: Guests at any event or wedding can be your potential future clients – always impress) 

Exceed your Brides Expectations! 

Your clients are expecting so much from you. This is my rule: “Always under promise and over deliver!” Every successful wedding and event planner lives by this rule! Not only are your clients expecting a more than “wow” experience but so are their guests, your staff and the vendors! Have your game plan on and always find ways to stay creative by reading up on the latest trends not only in your area but outside your territory. Constantly educate yourself, read up on blogs and stay up to date. Remember, like fashion, social media and technology, things in the event world are constantly moving and changing. Find a way to keep up! 

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Be known as the go to person for weddings and events 

The top wedding planners are known for what they do in the industry! Everything you do should be branded in order for people to recognize you. Have a trade mark – are you known for how popular you are on social media, your decor style, your successful sold out events? Get your name out there in any possible way you can think of. Post your recent work on social media, your blog, submit it to popular magazines and blogs. In other words every time someone looks up event planner or wedding planner, your name should pop up!  The more you engage, the more you will be known. 

Remember to stay professional, humble and branded. You want to be known as trustworthy, fun, creative and professional. It’s your brand after all. 

Lastly be Inspirational

This is the best advice I will give you. Brides are always looking for wedding inspiration when planning a wedding. Be the person they run to for wedding inspiration. This is the best way to stand out from your competition and to show your expertise. The best places to share inspiration is on Social media! Be active and brides will take notice. 

Remember to always, always give credit where due and don’t always talk about yourself. Share other people’s work too. They will thank you, re tweet and re share your post. This will only get you more exposure and people will be running to you for ideas and bookings. 

Here our top 10 ways to stay Creative During the Wedding and Event Industry!   


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Here are some work we adore!

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Happy Planning!