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Wedding Candy Buffet Ideas on a Budget

Are you Pinterest obsessed as we are?  Then you know that you will get plenty of awesome wedding ideas on how to set up your candy bar at a wedding reception!

Get inspired and get lost in all the prettiness that Pinterest can offer you!

I fall in love with the candy table ideas for weddings over and over every time I am on the platform. 

If you are looking for wedding candy buffet ideas to help you set up your very own, then you have come to the right place.

Candy tables for weddings are always a hit with guests.

You can never go wrong with them. 

You can definitely hire someone else to set it up if you are not confident otherwise follow our tips on how to set up an elegant wedding candy table and will have a hit in no time. 

Sweet tables and candy tables are so popular for weddings, birthday parties, baby showers and practically any event that you can think of.

Kids love them but so do adults. 

Not only do they make for the perfect wedding gift favours, but they are also perfect for decorating the whole and can really stand out if you make it a focal point of your wedding. 

If you are planning on having a dessert table display, I would highly suggest choosing a candy bar for your guests. 

Anyone can put a sweet table at a wedding together! 

But if you do not properly coordinate it with the overall theme of your wedding, it can take away from the aesthetics. 

Keep in mind that in most cases,  your candy buffet table will probably be one of the main focuses of your event!

So you want to ensure you are ready exactly on how to set up a candy bar at a wedding reception so it looks stunning.

Luckily for you, I am going to share some of my best tips on how to set up a candy table display!

And remember, as much as we love candy buffets, costs can creep up easily if you are not careful. 

It was important to start off with a solid budget. 

Go ahead and grab this epic wedding budget, or you can visit our wedding printable shop to find out amazing wedding budget templates for all your wedding needs. 

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So what are the best candy bar table ideas?

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