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How to dress for your wedding consultation meetings is a big part of booking clients! Did you get a call from a potential client about finally meeting you? I am sure you are extremely excited! It’s time to prepare yourself to meet this client. Get your contract ready, your wedding packages, your wedding portfolio, and testimonials. Remember when meeting a client for the first time you need to look extremely good. These clients are judging you first based on your looks, your personality and the way they carry yourself. They need to connect with you on some level. So look good….  

You Must Dress to Impress!

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How to dress for your wedding consultation meetings?

Remember you might not get a second chance! Try to make the first impression the first time around! ” Think ‘ the first date’.


How to Dress for your Wedding Consultation Meetings

Make it your goal to look as stylish, chic and professional as possible. A suit is always a safe bet. For female wedding planners or bridal consultants, you will always have the perfect excuse to wear a dress. Show your creativity with accessories that complement your outfit. Make sure your nails are clean and manicured, that your hair is neat and that your breath is fresh. (And don’t think for a moment that the missing button on your jacket will go unnoticed!) It’s all about the details ladies! 

How to Dress for your Wedding Consultation Meetings

Here are awesome wedding planners Inspiration clothing to wear to your meetings! We got you covered in the shoe department too! Take a look at our fabulous blog “Wedding Planners and their shoes

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