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If you were a fan of Sex and the City, you will remember all the gorgeous shoes that Sarah Jessica Parker had! As a Wedding Planner, I believe the way you present yourself to clients can make the difference between getting booked and not getting booked. If your target is a high end bride or big on design and decor, you may want to really make a great impression. As a girly girl myself, you must know that I love, love, love my shoes! 

wedding planners and their shoes


Here are 5 shoes that every wedding planner should own.

  1. Spring and Summer Wedges. I would keep it Neutral! Worn when meeting clients and vendors. 

Shoes every wedding planner should own

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2. Comfortable flats! I would own a few colors that you are able to alternate with your outfits. Perfect for long wedding days. 

Wedding shoes every wedding planner should own

3.  The classic black pumps- This is great for meeting clients and vendors. Can also be worn at the start of the wedding when greeting guests. Perfect for those networking events you will have this summer. 

Wedding shoes every wedding planner should own

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4. The statement heels! I would pull this out when meeting with vendors one on one or at networking events. You should own at least one statement pair of heels 🙂 

Wedding shoes every wedding planner should own

5. Winter/Rain Boots- Self explanatory! Keep it classy yet comfortable for snowy and rainy days. 

winter boots

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