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Bridal Consultation

Wondering how to conduct a wedding consultation that actually works well and secures a client?

You have finally scored a potential client after all your awesome marketing efforts.

Now it is time to set up a face-to-face bridal consultation meeting to take your client from the inquiry stage to the booking stage.

Not sure how to turn wedding inquiries into bookings? We shared our process here

Back to conducting a wedding consultation, you need to be prepared. If the consultation does not go well, you will lose that booking.

You want to do everything you can to keep the bride interested in your services at that wedding consultation. 

How to Conduct A Wedding Consultation

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Wedding Consultation Location

The first step is determining where you are going to meet your potential wedding client.

We created a list of the different places you can meet your potential client here.

Go ahead and pick a location that works for your wedding business and the wedding client, determine a time that works for both parties and schedule this in your calendar.

Do not forget to email your client 24 hours prior to meeting to reconfirm the booking.

Once you set up and book your location what’s next? In order to ensure your wedding consultation is top notch, they are a few things you must do to prepare. 

  • Prepare yourself and be prepared to entertain your wedding clients, wow them by showing your creativity and be the host. 
  • Be on time for your consultation if you are traveling to a location. Always arrive half an hour earlier in order to find a good spot to conduct your wedding consultation. 
  • If you are meeting at your storefront, set up a small table styled to show the client what you can do. If you are a cake artist have samples prepared. A florist- show a sample bouquet. At the end of the day, you need to wow your clients. 
  • Always provide refreshment and pay for it. It’s a hospitality thing. When guests visit you at home, you normally ask them what they would like to drink, do the same thing here.
  • If you are meeting at a wedding venue, inform the venue you are meeting a potential bride and see if they can arrange something for you. A restaurant could offer some samples. Use your planning skills to negotiate a few things. It’s a win-win situation. 
  • Let the client know how long the meeting will be so that they can make time for this and are prepared. I typically do my consultation within the hour. 

Make a Great Impression with your Clothes 

Ensure you are dressed to impress your clients.

Wearing baggy jeans and a shirt you found won’t cut it.

A client is trusting you plan their big day, looking your best will tell them you care about yourself and you will care about their wedding.

This goes for everyone in the wedding indThe samey.

The same thing goes for the day of the wedding.

Do not show up in short shorts and a tank top because it is too hot outside. What if you have other potential brides among the guests?  

Ensure you look stylish, chic and professional at all times. Your nails, hair, and shoes should also be on point. Not sure how to go about it. We have ideas on this blog —->>>Read – Wedding Planner Attire!

How to dress for your wedding consultation

What to talk about with your Wedding Client 

Once everyone is settled in, all the beverages and snacks are served and you all have your note pads, laptops or iPads ready, you can start.

Your client should be doing most of the talking

It is their big day and you are here to learn more about their big day.

Take the opportunity to listen and learn what they want. This will better position you to close the sale by customizing your services to match what they want and need.

Ask a lot of open-ended questions.

Our Wedding templates have a sample wedding consultation forms that you can use to really get all the information. Click below for access:

wedding planner work sheets


Is your Wedding Business Legally Protected?

Wedding Templates for Wedding Planners o Run your Wedding Business

What should you do at the wedding consultation? 

  • Listen to the couple, take your notes and respond with questions if needed. Your main job is to listen, guide and inform when you can. 
  • In order for the couple to feel like you are really listening, reconfirm what you heard. An example of that of that could be ” So Tina and Eric you are looking to host a very small intimate wedding for close family and friends. You feel that food is extremely important and you want to ensure you have the best menu to offer your guests? Is this correct?  The couple – yes – you – What else do you  feel is important for your big day?” Keep reconfirming as you go. 
  • Some couples may not know where to start – At this point, I tell them a little bit about what I do (about 2 minutes) and then ask them to describe their perfect day. 
  • Finally, I will ask them anything they might not have covered that I feel is important for me to know, especially when quoting (such as the number of guests and their wedding budget). 
  • I would then proceed to describe my wedding services, telling them about the company, how the process works and what to expect. 
  • They might ask about your fees. Based on what you discussed, quote appropriately – then mention what value they will get with this price – go ahead and hand them a wedding package or a wedding kit. We will be discussing wedding kits next. 
  • Don’t forget that a wedding consultation only lasts about 1 hour. Don’t give out too much that they feel they can plan their own wedding. Finish the consultation by asking if they have any more questions, what they should expect from you next and when to expect it. 

What to Bring At The Wedding Consultation

A wedding consultation is a place where you really want to sell your brand and services as a wedding professional.

A few things you can bring to the bridal consultation to impress your couple: 

Do your Follow up to potential clients

Did you know that a majority of wedding professionals do not follow up with their clients and this is how you lose a client?

Not following up in a timely manner is also not good practice.

Make sure once the consultation is over, you send over a quick email thanking your clients for taking the time to meet you and that you will prepare a quote/contract to send over within a day.

Tell them how excited you are about working with them. 

The most important thing is to always follow up. Here is how following up with your wedding leads can land you more wedding business.


How to Help Clients with Tiny or Small Wedding Budgets 

How to respond when brides think you are too expensive

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How to Conduct A Wedding Consultation And Secure A Client