Wedding blogs are essential to growing your wedding business. How to use your Blog to grow your Wedding Business? You need to be able to market yourself through the use of a wedding blog. This great tool is the best and most effective way of growing you business, attracting client and marketing yourself. 

No time to blog for your wedding business? Keep reading below: 

How to use your Blog to grow your Wedding Business

What is a wedding blog and how can you use it to market yourself? 

A blog is a platform you use to create free content, information and one place source for brides to look at to get ideas. You open up the doors to your business by showing your clients exactly what you do, who you work with and why they should book you over the next person. Blogs are essential to growing your web traffic and social followings, meaning if done right will bring potential client right to your front door. Wedding Blogs are a great place where you are able to share inspiration, ideas, your work and talk about anything wedding related so brides can connect. The more content you share the more you rank in search engines for different key words. 

You can also get your work featured on other wedding blogs to attract more audience for yourself and your business. Culture Wedding accepts wedding submission. You are more than welcome to share your work with us! The more you get published on other sites, the better for your business as you will get more exposure. And it is good exposure. Encourage vendors you work with to blog about the work you have done together. 

How to use your Blog to grow your Wedding Business? 

  • Create a style that will attract your target market and focus on this
  • Show your best work and promote it frequently (more than once)
  • Tag vendors on your blogs and social media platforms to create engagement
  • Tag your couples on social media platforms to create engagement 
  • Market your blogs on a regular basis. Do not post it once and forget about it 
  • Have a way to capture clients once they get on your blog by creating a call to action
  • Wedding blog is great for PR and exposure
  • Feature your work on other popular blogs for rapid growth
  • Measure your Growth by seeing what is working and what is not

Here are 5 things you can focus on to really boost your blog  – Read this blog here

What to Blog About 

Brides love information and free stuff. Do your best to provide as much free information as possible without giving it all away. The aim is to get them excited enough to book you, not to grab the information and run. 

  • How to do xxxxxxx
  • 10 Things to xxxx
  • Blog about real weddings
  • Blog about other industry vendors
  • Blog about Inspiration wedding things
  • Blog about style shoots 

We have a detailed PDF Here that you can about – 45 things to blog about , where to promote your post after you publish and how to market your wedding blog. Get it now

Let us Blog for your Wedding Business

Your wedding blog

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What are we offering when we say let us blog for you? We know how busy you are and adding blogging strategies to your already busy schedule can make you extremely overwhelmed. We are here to make that extremely easy for you. We will provide you with articles that you can easily copy and paste into your blog. Imagine having 10 ready articles that you can just easily paste on to your blog and just promote on social media. To make this easy, we are customizing each blog to your unique wedding business. In order to do that we require some help from you.

  • Tell us of the type of brides you want to attract
  • The number of blogs you need (Minimum is 10)
  • We are able to post and do the SEO Optimization for you
  • You can post more frequently as you will have the post ready to go

Who is this service for? 

  • This is perfect for anyone in the wedding industry
  • The busy wedding professional
  • Those that do not know where to start when it comes to blogging
  • Those that want to be more consistent with their blogging strategies to attract more brides.

We have so many wedding professionals that have already signed up for this program and we are now waiting for you. Yes we are affordable as we understand how expensive running a wedding business can be. Give us a try now!

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