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Tired of hearing wedding professionals getting ripped off by clients or getting unnecessarily sued? That’s why you need proper contracts in place with all the right clauses to help protect your business as well as your clients. This is where the Contract Shop comes in. These wedding contracts are trusted by huge companies in the wedding industry such as HoneyBook, The Rising tide Society, and Once Wed.

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Event or Wedding Planner Contract Template

These Wedding contracts are highly recommended. The contracts are attorney-prepared and peer-reviewed which takes the guesswork out of what should be included in an agreement. What is included in the wedding contracts:

  • An outline of services you provide
  • A payment plan outline with suggested dates
  • Late fee clause, in case your client misses those payments
  • Confidentiality clause to protect your trade secrets
  • A discussion about who owns the intellectual property you create, with the ability to give it all to the client OR maintain ownership while the client is allowed to use the finished product(s)
  • A limit of liability to minimize the amount of money you’d owe if you ever needed to rely on your contract
  • A disclaimer and release– if clients know what they’re in for, they can take responsibility in case something goes wrong
  • All the boring legal stuff that makes this puppy a real, valid contract (don’t worry- it may be boring but it’s easy to understand)

You can view more information about the wedding contracts right here!

Terms and Conditions + Privacy Policy for your Website

As well as the Wedding contracts, you also require terms and conditions + Privacy policy for your website. Without a privacy policy, chances are that you are breaking the law. What exactly is a privacy policy? This is the information you collect from visitors and what you do with this information. This could include their names, locations/address, blog comments and phone number.


  • Anyone with a website
  • Anyone with a blog

Get more information here!

Other Events and Wedding Contracts we recommend for Pros: 

  • Client Contract Checklists
  • Independent Contractor Contract – Especially if you hire help with your business
  • Print Release contracts

All can be found at the Contract Shop

Other Wedding contracts available: 

  • Officiant Contracts
  • DJ or Entertainment
  • Cake
  • Venue contracts
  • Videographer contract
  • Floral design
  • Hair and Makeup
  • Style Shoot contracts

These can be found here!

Be sure to get your wedding business legally protected before booking any clients. Here are a few lawsuits you can read about:

Couple sues Videographer for over 100K

Famous wedding planner Mindy Weiss sues couple for unpaid bills

Couple asking for help to sue a Wedding Planner

Article: Can I sue my Wedding Vendor

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How many of you have a legal document protected? If not, you can meet with a lawyer or grab these legally bound contacts. They cover the USA, Canada, UK, and Australia.

Wedding contract. Is your wedding business legally protected.