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Client consultation Forms for Wedding Planners

Are you looking for reliable Templates for Wedding Planners to run your business?

If you have just started your wedding business or just do not have the funds required to purchase the software that you need to effectively run your wedding business, we have something for you.

We know how stressful and time consuming it can be to create wedding templates that will work for you.

Our Wedding Planner Consultation form comes with checklists you can use to ensure you do not miss anything when planning weddings for your clients.

They also include Wedding Budget templates you can use to create budgets for your brides and vendor tracking forms to collect quotes. These are just a few of the things that are included.

Templates for Wedding Planners

Before we get started on our amazing templates for wedding planners guide, we wanted to invite you to join our Wedding Pro group. And if you are serious about your Wedding business, then you should be on Pinterest. Join our Pinterest group and let the pinning party begin.

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Now back to our client consultation forms for wedding planners or some many know it as templates for wedding planners. 

Book more weddings with our tips

1// Finding your Ideal Client Check List

As a wedding planner, I knew exactly how important it was to find your ideal bride. Someone that you can related too and work with easily. 

If you are not quite sure who your ideal bride is, you need to find out who that is.

Nothing worse than marketing to the wrong crowd.

Once you under stand who your ideal bride is, use these tips to attract that ideal bride to your wedding business website and increase sales! 

2// Client Tracking and Follow Up Form

This amazing form is designed for you to track all wedding clients coming into your business.

You should get a binder that you will be able to  file and organize all  your inquires as they come in and another file to put all those that are fully confirmed.

This way you are keeping track and seeing where your wedding clients are coming in from. The template for wedding planners bundle package has this included. 

Follow up with the bride at least 3-4 times before moving it to “Did not book binder” with a reason why. At the end of the year evaluate what worked and what did not work.

How many forms do you have on your “did not book binder?” What were the main reasons, how can you change this and increase sales for the following year? Then look at what worked. Where did these clients come from, what services did they book, what changes can you implement in your marketing strategies to continue attracting these brides.

Once you have a better understanding, start preparing your wedding business for the next wedding season. This should start around September. Book a solid calendar with these tips!  

wedding planner work sheets


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3// Client Consultation Form for Initial Meeting

These template for wedding planners are really useful in terms of getting you organized.

Use this forms to take notes when you meet your brides for an initial wedding consultation. Take as much notes as you can and if you do not, get it later.

4// Bridal Questionnaire template

Bride and Groom Final Detail Questionnaire – This is used towards the end of the wedding planning process, and it is a good form to use to ensure you have all the wedding details covered.

I would even have the bride sign off on this to protect you both. 

5// Contract Wedding Check List 

An amazing check list to ensure you have collected all the contracts you need from all your wedding vendors and partners. Some vendors may not have contracts, just make note of the booking on the check list.

If you do not a contract, we highly suggest getting a legalized contract from here.

Don’t get sued or taken advantage of. 


Is your Wedding Business Legally Protected? 

6// Final Wedding Detail Check List

This is similar to the detailed questionnaire list but more of just a quick scan check list. It will immediately show you what you may be missing. 

7// Vendor Tracking Forms

This is a tracking form used to track all your vendors for a particular wedding you might have. You can record quotes received, any discounts you may have gotten including any terms and conditions. 

8// Wedding 12 Month Plan for Planners 

Wedding Templates for wedding planners would not be complete without a detailed wedding itinerary. 

This is a detailed time line you should use to plan the wedding.

It will take you through the step by step process of what you should be doing during the planning process and what the couple should do. Feel free to add steps or remove steps as required. You may provide this to the client after the initial booking. 

9// Wedding Budget Templates

This is a detailed wedding budget template that you can just add the necessary numbers based on the quotes you received and your client’s wedding budget.

Once you have created the budget deliver it to your clients when they ask for a wedding budget. 

10// Wedding Timeline Templates 

A very detailed wedding itinerary that you can adjust based on your clients wedding. It is extremely detailed and we ensure you wont miss a step. 

If you would like to get this bundle, you can find it below. Click the picture below for access. They are $40 for the entire bundle which comes up to $4.00 per wedding template. The templates are aimed at simplifying your wedding planning process with your clients.

wedding planner work sheets

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Wedding Templates for Wedding Planners To Run Your Wedding Business