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How to Book your calendar with Weddings

Today we discuss how you can book yourself and your company more brides and fill your calendar solid for the year! We all want to be busy and booked solid! How can you go about achieving this? I will give you a few tips but you need to do what works for your business! Every business is different so trying a few of our options might just work for you. Those that do the work will see the results eventually! Hard work pays off. 

How to Book your calendar with Weddings

1. You need to identify where your past IDEAL brides are coming from

A majority of your clients will come directly from doing a Google search online! If you have a good website and great SEO, then no doubt that your site will come up first and this will work for you. If you are still new and your site is not yet showing up, we encourage you to use social media to the best of your advantage to attract brides (Here are great blogs that will get you started- Use Facebook to grow your business, How to use Instagram to book brides & especially How to use Pinterest to attract your brides! The best way to really show case your work would be through social media, especially when starting out! If you are a cake artist, hair and make up artist, wedding planner, wedding designer, wedding photographer or floral; Facebook, Instagram, blogs and Pinterest should all be social platforms that you should be using to grow your wedding business.

Another way of getting clients is through your referral programs if you have it.

Once you have identified where your clients are coming from, start promoting day and night on those platforms. Frequency is the key to success! You need to put more time and marketing effort into these marketing areas to see a difference!

2. Marketing Plan

No plan means no success! Make a plan on what you will do to market and how frequently you will market yourself!  If something works for you and its attracting and bringing in new clients, don’t stop! Keep pushing, find ways to make it easier and you will always be booked solid!

Example of a great plan.

  • Thank your referrals. Find a way to thank everyone that has referred you clients. Make a detailed list and send out thank you emails, gift cards, anything to make them feel appreciated! Remind them that you are still booking and any referrals are always welcomed!
  • Your top 3 social media platforms. Write them down and see which produces more clients. Push harder and you will book more!
  • Create a special for your packages and push these out once or twice a week! Eventually someone will call you right ?

3. Schedule your marketing plan

Manage your plan by adding it to your calendar plan! That way you are reminded and are able to manage better! Spending time in front of your target market everyday for at least 30 minutes a day will make you grow. Spending 20-30 minutes every day on one specific marketing task will grow your audience and increase your chance of getting in front of your ideal clients. You need to schedule time for it just as you schedule time for your clients.


  • Post on social media at least 3 times a day every day for the week (Facebook, Instagram and Pin something)
  • Share all your blogs on all the social media platforms. If you want tips on where to share your blog,

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  • No time to blog, let Culture Chic prepare great articles for you at a low cost. These articles will guarantee good SEO for your Google performance! Get our rates now!
  • Update your portfolio with recent work using high end photos from a photographer- ask photographers for photos of you in action, finish product and highlights of your good work!

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