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Get brides to Like and Follow you on Facebook

How to Get Brides to Like & Follow you on Facebook

Facebook is definitely time consuming for most wedding professionals and a lot of you may not have the time to invest in it! If you really want to see results, you need to be consistent. Not sure where to find your ideal brides? start with Facebook! They are definitely on there looking for you, but how come they are not liking your page? Remember that you need to be consistent and you must always keep your brand in mind when you are posting. Need an example? They got it right and branded! Your target market will only like and follow you if they connect with your brand.

When a bride comes in contact with your website or Facebook they need to be instantly drawn and connected to it. That is why it is important to always be up to date. You do not want a page that says you last posted about 5 months ago (its shows inconsistency) You think a bride does not care? Ah yes they do! I have heard it from my own clients!  When they land on your page, you will need to give them a reason to like it and why they should stick with you. Your page needs to be attractive and representing of high quality content, tips, images and information about your services.

Your page needs to also offer value to the bride. Why should they trust you? Why should they follow you? How can you help them? Once your Facebook reflects this, your fans will like and share your work and hopefully turn into clients and referrals!

Take a look at Facebook pages that have done it right:

The Loverly

White Room events

Karen Tran Florals

Ensure your page is well filled out for maximum optimization. 

  • Use a clean looking logo or a picture of yourself as your profile picture. Love the way Rachel A. Clingen uses her personal photo to connect with Brides. 
  • Use an attractive main background picture. Use something that is a reflection of your wedding business.
  • Fill out all the description fields with your company information. Use Keywords as this will help with your Google ranking.
  • Create photo albums similar to Pinterest and show off your work in the categories  
  • Add your website, phone and especially your email 
  • Connect all your social media platforms to your Facebook (Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter! 
  • Now schedule your posts (3 times a day is ideal – use quotes, tips, blog posts, share other vendors work, behind the scenes and past weddings.) Remember to occasionally ask clients to follow you on other social media networks such as Instagram and Pinterest! Use a tool such as Hootsuite to schedule all your social media posts! It saves you so much time! 

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