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If you seem to be attracting wedding clients with tiny or small wedding budgets, I think I found a way that you can still help them and not lose lots of money and time. If your client (Bride or Groom) can’t seem to afford your $3000 wedding packages or your $15,000 wedding packages, what can you do?

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Plenty of wedding professionals have written to me regarding this issue, and I felt the need to address it today. Sometimes the best couples might just not have the right budget or even the money to hire you.

Maybe you feel like you should be helping them but the budget just doesn’t sit well with you. Sometimes the low-paying clients maybe corporate events, charity events or not-for-profits. Regardless, you just want to help them.

Here are a few ways you can help clients with small wedding budgets

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Create custom service packages

If you really want to help a couple or a corporate client with small wedding budgets or small corporate packages, offer custom created packages. Create one or two custom packages that you can offer to clients with small wedding budgets or corporate clients. Ensure you are up front and tell them you typically work with clients with much larger budgets but you will be making an exception.

Customize a wedding package or your packages that can accommodate them. For example, you may only be able to work for 4 hours instead of 8 hours on their event date. Or you might only be able to offer non-specialty linens if they want d├ęcor services.

Ensure you list everything that you will be offering and the client really needs to understand what is included and what is not. Any additional services are outside the package and will cost extra. Get signatures and initials to ensure both parties understand this.

Most of the time, the clients will upgrade services especially if you really work hard to work with them. Do not go BROKE trying to help a client.

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Take on small clients during the slow season

If you really want to work with clients with small wedding budgets, try to book them during your slow time. Maybe you have no weddings in December, you can fill your calendar with a few budget-conscious clients.

You can sway clients with low budgets into changing dates easily. I have been able to tell clients, that they could save a lot of money if they hosted a winter wedding or a Thursday wedding and this always works.

You have a lot more control with low paying clients.


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Book your high-paying clients first

Before you book any clients with small wedding budgets, first book up your main clients. If your target is to make 50,000 then booking that first should be your priority. Work hard on booking the high-end clients as this is your bread and butter and only then can you consider booking anything else.

Have a system in places to get clients budget way before you meet up with them. This will eliminate any confusion or you won’t be wasting anyone’s time. 

How often do you work with couples with small wedding budgets? Tell us in the comments below. 

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