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We fell in love with a beautiful style shoot we stumbled up on Social Media. The brains behind this elegant style shoot is Shatoyia Todd from Roxie Bella Event Design. A bit about the Lead Designer. Shatoyia has worked with some of the top professionals in order to achieve the skills she posses to plan elegant and top of the line weddings. She has a background in the hospitality and venue management spanning over 10 years, managing top collegiate sports travel accommodations and events.  What makes Roxie Bella Event Design the right choice for you? They have excellent client service, their first priority is the clients needs and ensuring the client is far and foremost satisfied. 

Now for the style shoot. We asked Shatoyia to tell us a bit more about how she came about putting the style shoot together. Words from the designer below: 

Recently Idol Image photographer Cory Smith approached me to design a styled shoot. Cory had secured the couple and the location but it was my task to conceptualize the design elements. Cory eagerly gave me complete control, as long as he didn’t have to do much heavy lifting, I have been known to bring everything and the kitchen sink to photo shoots so I understood his concern. 

When creating my design plan I immediately thought of date night, the sought after moments in a relationship when we need a break from the busyness of life and the hectic routines. I wanted a romantic feel in an unexpected place; I wanted the chandelier from my mentor’s venue featured, because I loved it so much. I wanted to showcase a picnic, my granny’s wedding stitch quilt deserved to be etched in photograph history, the ideas flowed and I created the design that I had pictured in my mind.  

Our couple Kristyn and Heath treated this experience as their date night, they laughed and smiled, taking a moment away from the busyness of life and their hectic routine. Their love for one another shined through each photograph and Cory captured it beautifully. I admired Cory’s photography style, candid, poised, capturing detail after detail. 

 The location, a walking trail, in South Carolina’s beautiful Sesquicentennial State Park was the perfect location; however we overlooked the fact that people would be walking on the walking trail, passersby stopped to take a photos, and questioned the magical, surreal event they were witnessing, because not every day you see a chandelier in the woods.

One gentleman was even gracious enough to allow us use of his bicycle for a couple of photographs. I was grateful to be able to execute this vision of mine, while working with an amazing photographer and a beautiful couple. It was a delightful experience to be able to share my vision and design.  

An Elegant Style Shoot by Roxie Bella Event Design

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Vendor Love:

Cory Smith, Photographer Idol Image Wedding Photography

Shatoyia Todd, Set design & rentals, Roxie Bella Event Design

Location – Sesquicentennial State Park

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