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Pink Dessert Table Ideas

If you are in search of beautiful pink dessert ideas that you can use to add to your dessert or candy table, you have come to the right place.

A dessert table or buffet is perfect for showcasing your favourite sweets and treats as a couple and allowing your guests the freedom to treat themselves to what they want at your event.

Dessert tables can also double as wedding favours at a wedding or a bridal shower, saving you a lot of money, especially if you are on a working budget.

I can tell you for a fact that people love dessert stations.

Honestly, who doesn’t love a sweet treat or two? 

A well-executed dessert table is more than just setting desserts out on a platter on a table.

There should be a cohesive design to your dessert table layout.

If you can pull from the theme and/or colour palette of the bridal shower or wedding, you will have a winner.

We have many ideas for those needing more help with what dessert to add to your pink or blush baby shower or wedding. 

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Then check out these fantastic baby shower ideas today. 

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We will blow your minds away with some of the most delicious pink dessert ideas!

We will be featuring:

  • The best pink desserts for dessert table displays

  • Some fantastic pink dessert recipes that are easy to make

  • Delicious pink mini desserts perfect for any event

Check out these tasty pink dessert table ideas. Sweetheart Pink Dessert Table | pink desserts | dessert table ideas | pink sweet treats | how to set up a dessert table ||

Whether you are planning a bridal shower or a wedding, we have a few fantastic pink dessert ideas below that you steal from.

Our beautiful pink dessert table inspiration uses desserts and florals in summery pink shades to create a romantic vibe for any event you might consider hosting.

Having just desserts truly matters to make a party successful.

Here are four reasons I love dessert stations and why you should have one:

  • You can use treats as your wedding favours
  • They are fun and interactive
  • They offer a variety – something for everyone
  • They are fun extensions of your decor

And remember, as much as we love dessert buffets, costs can creep up quickly if you are not careful.

It was essential to start with a solid budget that works for you.

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So what are some pink desserts worth adding to a dessert table?

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What pink desserts should be on your dessert table?

  • Cake Pops
  • Edible Image Cookies
  • Sunny Rock Candy
  • French Macaroons
  • Mini pink cakes
  • Cupcakes 
  • Donuts

As you can see, you can have an array of pink desserts on your dessert table display.

Whether you plan a cute bridal shower, Valentine’s day date night or a blush/pink-themed wedding, any of these lovely and easy pink desserts should fit perfectly with your theme.

Simple Pink Desserts For Bridal Showers And Weddings

Those looking for pretty pink desserts are in for a great treat. 

We made sure to share various options to meet everyone’s needs. 

We have great ideas for easy mini desserts for weddings or showers, simple pinks you can make and various pink treats worth displaying on your dessert table. 

These pink desserts are excellent for various events you might have planned. 

1. Pink Sour Cream Sugar Cookies

You can’t enjoy these sour cream sugar cookies without topping them with cream cheese frosting! 

These delicious but easy-to-make sour cream sugar cookies must be served with a cream cheese frosting which is light and fluffy!

You can cut these cookies into fun shapes with cookie cutters!

If you are having a bridal shower or are looking for pink dessert recipes for your special day, look no further than these pink sour cream sugar cookies. 

Saving Talents has one of the best recipes out there!

Try out this Classic Sour Cream Sugar Cookies! These Classic Sour Cream Sugar Cookies are the perfect old fashioned treat! With simple instructions for the perfect soft & chewy sugar cookies every time!

2. Mexican Pink Cookies

If you are looking for pink dessert table ideas, look no further than these yummy cookies. 

These Mexican Pink Cookies are delicious shortbread cookies made quickly and easily with only six pantry staples. 

Add a little crunch to your cookies by following the recipe on 24Bite®!

Mexican Pink Cookies! hese Mexican Pink Cookies are delicious shortbread cookies made quickly and easily with only six pantry staples. You can whip them up anytime.

3. Raspberry Heart-shaped Puzzle Cookies

These raspberry heart-shaped puzzle cookies are some of the best sweet treats. 

I love pink desserts and these cookies made with raspberry are just perfect for any bridal shower event you might be throwing.

The heart shape is what made us love them even more. 

These raspberry heart-shaped puzzle cookies are the best sweet treat to impress your loved one on Valentine's day! These cookies are also perfect for bridal showers and weddings.

4. Cherry Pecan Cookies

Are you looking for a few pink dessert ideas, specifically cookies?

Then look no further than these tasty cherry pecan cookies. 

This is essentially a shortbread cookie recipe that Erica adapted to incorporate cherries and pecans, with the special touch of white chocolate added to make them extra special.!

You will love these cookies if you love pecans and enjoy cherries.   

White Chocolate-Dipped, Cherry Pecan Cookies. Try out these Dainty little pink shortbread cookies.

5. Keto Kool-Aid Cheesecake Recipe

Are you on a Keto diet? 

And do you enjoy cheesecake? 

If so, then this epic combo would work for you perfectly. 

This Keto Kool-Aid Cheesecake Recipe is so easy and fun to make.

It tastes like a creamy, tangy candy.

The kool-aid also creates a lovely colour and is perfect for any age.

Keto desserts are great for easy weight loss also.

Keto Kool Aid Cheesecake Recipe! This Keto Kool Aid Cheesecake Recipe is easy and delicious

6. Single Serving Cheesecake

I love single-serving cheesecakes because they are straightforward for guests to handle and mingle with. 

So when I came across this yummy Frosted Circus Animal Cheesecake recipe, The Three Snackateers, I knew I had to share it with you.

If you are looking for easy pink dessert ideas, you will love this cheesecake. 

Check out this easy pink cheesecake cups recipe! This yummy Frosted Circus Animal Cheesecake is a perfect homemade dessert for a birthday party, baby shower or even a holiday like Valentine’s or Easter.

7. Pink Grapefruit Daiquiri Cupcakes

Over the summer months, I tend to sip great daiquiris to quench my thirst.

So when I came across this fantastic pink dessert, I knew I had to share it immediately. 

I can tell you that Pink Grapefruit Daiquiri Cupcakes are extremely popular with bridal showers, bachelorette parties and any event. 

You won’t have to worry about leftovers, as they will be a hit.

Pink Grapefruit Daiquiri Cupcakes! Between the flavour and colour, these Pink Grapefruit Daiquiri Cupcakes tend to be popular for bridal showers, bachelorette parties, but they’re great anytime.

8. Cheesecake with Strawberry Glaze

Are you looking for a simple yet decadent dessert for your next event? 

Then this pink strawberry cheesecake might do the trick.

Whether planning a wedding or hosting a few pre-wedding events, this cheesecake recipe with strawberry topping and homemade graham cracker crust is mouthwatering and straightforward to make.

It’s a great dessert to go on your pink dessert table display. 

I don’t know about you, but I love good cheesecake. 

Glazed Strawberry Cheesecake. It’s undoubtedly the best cheesecake you’ll ever have.

9. Pink Lemonade Cupcakes

If you have been on the hunt for a light, refreshing, and gorgeous cupcake for your pink dessert table display, then these lemonade cupcakes are just what you need.

I am always in something different, and I think this is different enough. 

If you are having a summer wedding, this Pink Lemonade Cupcake assemble is just what you need on your dessert table. 

Try out this Pink Lemonade Cupcakes. Perfect for your bridal shower or wedding bar.

10. Rosé Cupcakes

We hope you love all of our pink dessert ideas!

Our next pink dessert is made with one of my favourite wines, rosé!

The rosé cupcakes featured today are topped with dried rose petals making them extremely elegant for weddings, bridal showers and even bachelorettes.

And on a positive note, they are straightforward to make!

We wanted to ensure that we highlighted easy pink dessert ideas so anyone could make them at home. 

These rosé cupcakes can be refrigerated for up to 3 days.

Elegant Rosé cupcakes! Make any occasion extra special with these Rosé Champagne cupcakes, infused with the delicate flavours of rosé champagne and rose petals.

11. Pink Magnolia Bakery Cupcakes

Are you looking for pink dessert recipes, so you make some for your bridal shower?

Then this fun Magnolia Bakery copycat Carrie Bradshaw cupcakes are exactly what you need. 

If you are a big fan of Sex and the City and this is your bridal shower theme, then you need to make these vanilla cupcakes. 

I love the look of the pastel pink frosting!

Pink magnolia Bakery copycat Carrie Bradshaw cupcakes. These fun Magnolia Bakery copycat Carrie Bradshaw cupcakes are amazing vanilla cupcakes with a pink frosting that you can make with simple ingredients!

12. Heart-shaped Rice Krispie Treats

If you are looking for pink dessert recipes you can cook up to display on your sweet table, look no further than this adorable heart-shaped Rice Krispie treats

These soft and delicious heart-shaped Rice Krispie Treats can be dipped in chocolate and dusted with sprinkles to give them that romantic look.

You must add this treat to your pink dessert table for brides thinking of having Valentine’s Day weddings

Heart-shaped Rice Krispie Treats for Valentine's Day. Heart-shaped rice krispie treats are super colorful, crazy yummy, and a cinch to make! They're perfect for celebrating Valentine's Day!

13. Easy Pink Popcorn Recipe

You have to check out this pink popcorn recipe at The Three Snackateers, where you will find everything you need to know about making pink popcorn. 

This pink popcorn will add a POP of fun to your event if you have a pink-themed bridal shower. 

This easy pink popcorn recipe features fresh, crunchy popcorn coated in a sweet vanilla batter that includes a few drops of food colouring. 

They look cute on your pink dessert table and will be a hit!

Try out this easy pink popcorn and tell us your thoughts in the comment area. 

Check out this pink popcorn dessert. How to Make Pink Popcorn Colorful pink popcorn adds a POP of fun to any party! This sweet snack with sprinkles is easy to make in 20 minutes, and perfect to customize with any colors.

14. Pink Grapefruit Dessert Bars

These Pink Grapefruit Dessert Bars look simply delicious.

And not only do they taste yummy, but they are easy to make and full of citrusy grapefruit flavours!

I am a big fan of grapefruits, and if you are too, you will enjoy making this simple pink dessert recipe for your next event. 

This easy-to-make dessert bar recipe can be made for any occasion if you want a sweet and decadent treat.

Easy Pink Grapefruit Dessert Bars. Grapefruit Bars are just like your favorite lemon bars with a shortbread crust and citrus curd, but with the sweeter flavor of pink or ruby red grapefruit.

15. Strawberry Cake Pops

For more pink dessert ideas, look no further than this tasty strawberry cake pop. 

A fantastic recipe made from scratch, this strawberry cake pop is ideal for Valentine’s Day, baby showers, bridal showers, weddings and more.

These cake pops are infused with a double dose of strawberries, making them the prettiest and tastiest sweet treats! 

Looking for pink dessert ideas? Check out this Strawberry Cake Pops! A simple dessert that's sure to make an impression this Valentine's Day are these easy strawberry cake pops

16. Meringue Cookies Recipe

For those looking for pink mini dessert ideas, be sure to make these Meringue Cookies

These chewy cookies are so fun to make and not only quite tasty but very versatile too!

Meringue cookies are usually light and airy, making them the perfect pink desserts for your bridal shower dessert station. 

You will only need a couple of ingredients and cooking tools to make meringue cookies. 

Get baking. 

For more pink dessert ideas click here. Meringue Cookies These beautiful meringue cookies are light as air, perfectly sweet, and so easy to make!

17. Lemon Strawberry Shortcakes

These strawberry lemon shortcakes are a perfect dessert for your bridal shower. 

Add this treat to your pink dessert table display; perfect for all my strawberry lovers. 

With the bright flavour of citrus and fresh strawberries, this Lemon Strawberry Shortcake is the perfect dessert for a springtime wedding or event!

This Lemon Strawberry Shortcakes is one of the best pink dessert recipes. Easy Lemon Strawberry Shortcake perfect for summer weddings or bridal showers.

18. Mini Pink Donut Dessert

These baked mini-cake donuts with strawberry frosting are super cute and easy to make.

They are perfect for those hosting a bridal shower or looking for mini pink dessert ideas for a dessert bar at a wedding. 

They boast of sweet vanilla cake and naturally flavoured strawberry frosting. 

Making these strawberry donuts is a must. 

Try out these mini pink donut desserts today for your bridal shower. This Baked Strawberry Donuts recipe makes moist and fluffy donuts packed with fresh strawberries, topped off with a fresh strawberry glaze!

19. Pink Baked Strawberry Donuts

Are you planning on having a pink dessert table at your wedding reception? 

I am all for it. 

Can you imagine how elegant these baked strawberry donuts will look on your dessert table?

The recipe calls for only 5 simple ingredients.

Be sure to make a few before your event!

Pink donut ideas. Easy Pink Baked Strawberry Donuts. Baked Strawberry Donuts: such a perfect spring or summer wedding or bridal shower. With fresh strawberries baked in, and a sweet and tangy pink strawberry icing.

20. White Chocolate Rose Macarons

If you are looking for super cute pink dessert recipes to help complete your dessert table display, pick these rose macarons, as they are genuinely delicious.

These white chocolate rose macarons are simple, elegant, perfect for Valentine’s Day and bridal showers, and especially great for weddings!

You only need simple ingredients to make these white chocolate rose macarons!

These macarons will do the trick if you want delicious and easy pink dessert recipes. 

Easy white chocolate rose macarons recipe. These white chocolate rose macarons are filled with white chocolate rose buttercream and are topped with white chocolate and rose petals.

21. Strawberry and Blueberry Raviolis

This delicious pink dessert recipe has no added sugar. 

Not only is it tasty, but it is pretty easy to make!

If you want something reasonably healthy to serve your guests, give these strawberry and blueberry ravioli a try. 

If you are looking for healthy pink dessert ideas to serve your wedding guests, then give these strawberry and blueberry raviolis a try.

22. Pink Champagne Cupcakes

Are you looking for the best recipe for pink champagne cupcakes that you can make from scratch?

These pretty cupcakes are extremely easy to make! 

If you love cupcakes, you will love this pink dessert made with Pink Champagne.

A dessert fit for every celebration, these pink Champagne cupcakes with a smooth champagne buttercream frosting and a fizzy pop of pink champagne are a favourite sweet treat with my readers.

Your wedding guests will love it.

Have you been searching for the perfect pink champagne cupcake for your special occasion? These light and Fluffy Pink Champagne Cupcakes with a Smooth Champagne Buttercream Frosting and a fizzy pop of pink champagne are the perfect find! These cupcakes have the most beautiful and delicious pink champagne look. #withcakemix #recipe #easy #best #pink #cupcakes #fromscratch #valentines #dessert

23. Mini Pink Strawberry Cheesecake desserts

These mini pink strawberry cheesecakes with strawberry compote topping are delicious, light and flavourful treats that are perfect for weddings, bridal showers, baby showers and all types of parties.

They can be made in advance with fresh or frozen strawberries.

They are most loved due to their incredibly fresh taste and creamy texture.

This recipe is made from simple ingredients.

There are four main steps required to make these baked strawberry cheesecakes. 

Find the full pink dessert recipe right here.

Mini Strawberry Cheesecakes These Mini Strawberry Cheesecakes with Strawberry Compote Topping are delicious light and flavourful treats that are perfect for afternoon tea or a party.

24. Pink Strawberry Tartlets 

The crispy sweet pastry crust filled with creamy vanilla custard and topped with fresh strawberries is great for outdoor parties, barbecues or weddings!

Are you having a summer wedding? 

Then you are just going to love these strawberry tartlets in summer!

They are so light and fresh yet buttery and creamy.

It is the kind of dessert that will please your guests. 

These Mini Strawberry Tarts with Custard Filling is the ultimate Summer dessert recipe! The Easy French Strawberry Tarts, filled with Creme Patissiere are a delicious summer dessert for a garden party or afternoon tea party. With its Pastry Cream Tart Filling, fresh strawberries and almond shortcrust pastry, the Strawberry Tartlets are the perfect combo of creamy, crunchy, flakey, sweet and tart! A must-try strawberry dessert idea! #strawberry #tarts #tartlet #minitart #custard #frenchpastry

25. Pink cherry cupcakes recipe

This pretty pink cupcake recipe includes a moist, delicious maraschino cherry cake topped with cherry cream cheese frosting.

It is the perfect pink cupcake for Valentine’s Day, a birthday party, a wedding or a girl’s baby shower!

If you love homemade cupcakes’ flavour and moist texture, these maraschino cherry cupcakes are for you!

This pink cupcake recipe is perfect for any occasion; made with a simple cake batter that comes together quickly in your hand or mixer.

Very Cherry Cupcakes | The Perfect Pink Cupcakes Recipe! These are cherry chip cupcakes from scratch with maraschino cherries and cherry juice mixed into the cupcakes and maraschino cherry juice whipped into pink buttercream frosting.

26. Easy Pink Strawberry Thyme Blondies

Our pink dessert table ideas will not be complete without including this delicious treat. 

If you love strawberries, you will love this simple-to-make dessert. 

These Strawberry Thyme Blondies are so delicious your guests will be begging you for more. 

With so many textures and flavours, this pink dessert will complete your treat table perfectly. 

Delicious pink desserts perfect baby showers and weddings. If you are thinking of having a pink dessert table on your day, be sure to feature these simple pink treats.

27. Chocolate Cupcakes with Red Wine Buttercream

Not only will these look great on a wedding or bridal shower sweet table, but your guests will love how tasty they are. 

Those looking for easy pink desserts will enjoy making these. 

I love these tender-crumbed chocolate cupcakes with vibrant red wine buttercream frosting. 

They will practically melt in your mouth! 

Whether you’re busting these out for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, bridal and baby showers, graduation, or any occasion, this creative red wine buttercream will surely win the dessert game!

Give these Chocolate Cupcakes with Red Wine Buttercream a try today. 

30 Inspiring Wedding pink dessert Ideas For Your Big Day! Try out these pink Chocolate Cupcakes with Red Wine Buttercream.

28. Vanilla Sour Cream Cake with Strawberry Frosting

These fabulous pink dessert recipes will elevate the look of your events. 

But it would not be complete without this Vanilla Sour Cream Cake with Strawberry Frosting

It’s a deliciously fluffy, moist 3 layer of vanilla cake with layers of strawberry buttercream frosting. 

You might want to make this cake for your pink sweet table because it is tasty and easy to create.

Easy pink dessert cake for a bridal shower or wedding! 30 Inspiring Wedding pink dessert Ideas For Your Big Day!

29. Elegant Pink Raspberry Swirl Mini Cheesecakes 

This delicious raspberry swirl mini cheesecake is a simple and quick raspberry dessert to make for your upcoming event. 

They are the perfect wedding and bridal shower mini desserts. 

I love that they are cute looking, can be made ahead of time, and are individually portioned!

If you are looking for a delicious and easy individual cheesecake dessert to impress your guests, try out this recipe now!

Raspberry Swirl Mini Cheesecakes the perfect pink treats to put on your dessert table if you are having a pink-themed wedding or bridal shower. If you are looking for mini pink desserts, this is it.

30. White Chocolate Cheesecake Mousse

Whether you are looking for bridal shower sweets table ideas or pink desserts for your wedding, I think this no-bake, creamy, decadent white chocolate cheesecake mousse recipe is just what you need. 

It’s gluten-free, silky and sweet, tart, and delicately hinted with rosemary essence.

It’s one the prettiest pink dessert that is simple to serve at a wedding, baby shower or bridal shower.

It will also work for Valentine’s Day!

white chocolate cheesecake mousse recipe! Pink dessert ideas for bridal showers and weddings. If you need pink desserts to put on your dessert table, look no further than these treats.

31. Pink Champagne Cheesecake Dessert

If you love pink desserts and want to make some for your upcoming event, you should try this cheesecake.

It’s a delicious Pink Champagne Cheesecake made in an instant pot.

Perfect for those looking for easy desserts to make.

An excellent dessert with a twist of champagne is perfect for wedding events.

A delicious Pink Champagne Cheesecake made in the instant pot. Tasty pink desserts for sweet table.

32. Easy Strawberry Cake Mix Cookies

Your pink sweet table will not be complete without these strawberry cake mix cookies. 

Not only are they soft and fluffy, but these cookies have subtle hints of strawberry flavour, which make them delicious. 

To make them look pretty, use pink and red M&M’s found at any grocery store. 

You can get the full strawberry cake mix cookie recipe here

Strawberry mix cake cookies! Simple desserts for Valentine's Day, wedding and showers. If you are looking for easy desserts, look no further than these.

33. Pink Croatian Peach Cookie Desserts

Be sure to add these delicious pink cookies to you your dessert table. 

With a sweet, soft jam filling sandwiched between two equally round-shaped hard cookies and dipped in red and yellow food dye, a few desserts look and taste like this.

These easy pink desserts are trendy at Croatian weddings and are traditionally styled with boxwood leaves. 

Check out these Croatian peach cookie recipes right here.

traditional homestyle dessert recipe for making tasty rum-filled breskvice, also known as Croatian peach cookies! Pink cookie ideas for your bridal shower.

And there you go, the ultimate list of easy pink dessert ideas for your dessert table!

These pink dessert ideas are trendy for bridal, baby showers, bachelorette parties and even weddings!

I recommend 3-4 pink desserts per person for your pink dessert table if your guests are not eating cake.

Regarding how many choices of pink desserts you should display on your table, do no more than 4 to 5 options. 

This way, you do not overwhelm your guest.

Which pink dessert recipes are your favourites?

Tell us in the comments below. 

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30 Easy Pink Dessert Ideas Perfect For A Bridal Shower Or Wedding