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Best cruises from Miami 2024

If you are looking for the best cruises from Miami through the Caribbean and Central America, you have come to the right place.

I love to cruise.

Cruising has changed my perspective on vacationing and what having a good time has looked like in recent years. 

If you have never gone on a cruise, this is your sign. 

They are mainly taking a cruise through the Caribbean. 

We honestly do not deserve the Caribbean!

The plethora of islands is an unspoilt paradisiacal realm of vibrant beauty that seems to exist outside of time.

They are brimming with white sandy beaches, exotic wildlife found nowhere else in the world and fascinating cultures shaped by centuries of history.

Central America is also no slouch in either department.

The Caribbean and Central America make an unbeatable duo regarding potential cruise locations.

I am sure there are plenty of cruises out of Miami, such as the “Norwegian Cruise Line,” the “Disney Cruise Line,” or the “Regent Seven Seas”!

The Carnival cruise line is also an option. 

Whether you are looking for sun-filled beaches, lush rainforests, ancient ruins, or bustling cities, the Caribbean and Central America have it all.

Grab your travel planner to take note as we will be covering the best cruises from Miami through the Caribbean.

Here is what we will be exploring today: 

  • The best cruise lines from Miami

  • Fun activities to do on these cruises

  • Budget-friendly cruises out of Miami

Travel makes us wealthier. 

We get to see new places, meet new people, and indulge in fresh, never-done activities.

These experiences can make us different people.

Whether you are searching for outdoor adventures or a little relaxing time on a cruise, we have narrowed down some of our favourite romantic getaways.

Our three favourite cruises are leaving Miami and venturing into those tropical waters.

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Fun Things to Do in Miami on a Cruise! If you are looking for the best cruise from Miami, check out this list. There are plenty of cruises out of Miami! If you are cruising from Port Miami, we have our complete Guide to the best cruises out of Miami.

Royal Caribbean International – Eastern Caribbean and Perfect Day Cruise

If you had to describe your perfect day, you might want to spend your day reclining on a hammock on a private beach under clear blue skies, with the waves gently lapping against the shore.

Alternatively, your perfect day may be marked by a relentless dopamine rush, participating in every kind of thrill imaginable.

The Eastern Caribbean and Perfect Day Cruise offer both options via porting in their newly remodelled private island.

It’s perfect for couples looking for a relaxing time with some adventure. 

You will be able to participate in a range of activities from swimming with stingrays in crystal clear waters to soaring through lush rainforests on thrilling ziplines to riding one of the gigantic slides in the Caribbean – all surrounded by powdery white sand beaches and turquoise waters as far as the eye can see.

And that is just the beginning of the seven-night cruise.

Your vessel, Oasis of the Seas, then sets off for the Puerto Rican capital of San Juan.

Here, you are given a whole day to explore the vibrant metropolis or spend quality time on one of its many floury white sandy beaches. 

Finally, the cruise sails to the Dutch/French island of St. Maarten, with its historical forts, casinos, bars and mile-long commercial district full of duty-free shops to stock up on bargains before returning for Miami.

As for The Oasis of the Seas itself, the ship is a veritable floating adventure playground with more than twenty restaurants and bars, live entertainment like Broadway shows, and plenty of indoor and outdoor activities.

Experience award-winning cuisine worldwide or enjoy a leisurely lunch by the poolside grill.

Try your luck at one of the many onboard casinos, challenge yourself with rock climbing and zip lining, or pamper yourself in the spa with a glass of wine to while away those hard days at sea. 

There is just so much to do and try out on these cruises.                 

Find reasonable prices for your cruise trip right here!

Hurtigruten – Tropical Waters and Remote Island Communities in the Caribbean

If you are looking for the best cruise in Miami that goes through the Caribbean, you should consider Hurtigruten!

Hurtigruten provides a more intimate – and in-depth – experience than the more prominent cruise lines, and no more so than in this eleven-day cruise through Central America, discovering some of the most intricate and untouched corners of this beautiful region.

This cruise is for those who like a splash of culture in their paradise and want to cram in as many unique experiences as possible.

What makes Hurtigruten so different is the presence of an expedition team, who provide the opportunity to learn more about the history and society of the island communities visited.

Launching from Miami, your ship, The MS Roald Amundsen, turns sharply south, cutting through gorgeous coral reefs before anchoring in Belize to experience a taste of the ancient Maya civilization found there by exploring its many ruins.

Sailing on the boat ports at the uninhabited Half-Moon Caye island, you can relax on the beach, enjoy the sea life, and venture into the island’s thick forests.

However, the area´s key attraction is the Blue Hole natural monument – a gigantic underwater sinkhole (the biggest of its kind in the world) surrounded by a ring of coral in the sparkling shallow waters around it.

Next, you arrive at ´The Sea of Many Colors´ at the Isla Providencia.

So named for the glistening multi-coloured water surrounding UNESCO´s Seaflower Biosphere Reserve.

Later you arrive at one of the Caribbean´s lesser-known secrets, the corn islands, and sample incredible food presented by friendly locals before going to Bocas del Toro, where you can have excursions seeking out exotic wildlife and visiting the National Marine Park.

Your experience concludes at Colon in Panama, a great place to savour yet more delicious Caribbean food while watching traditional Congo dances and reflecting on the week´s vast array of adventures. 

Virgin Voyages – Dominican Daze

Not everyone has the luxury of unlimited time or money to spend on a cruise.

Dominican Daze with Virgin Voyages is a perfectly packaged and affordable five-day voyage for those wishing to dip their toes into the Caribbean.

Virgin Voyages provides adult-only experiences that take steps to be inclusive to all, including a commitment to being the most LGBTQ+-friendly cruise in the market.

Even just onboard this vast cruise ship, there is plenty of amazing things to do.

From the moment you board the ship, you are transported to a world of luxury, with opulent staterooms, world-class dining, and unparalleled service.

The cruise itinerary is expertly designed to maximize your pleasure.

And with plenty of onboard activities, including live music, themed dance parties, and culinary demonstrations.

In terms of locations, Dominican Daze works to the adage of quality, not quantity – only stopping twice on the voyage.

The ship first sets sail for Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic.

Known as the ¨Port of Silver¨ due to the silver fog which hangs over its backing mountain range, the charming Dominican port is a hub of adventure.

Besides the shameless option of laying all day on the stunning nearby beaches, the cruise offers activities representing the three elements: air, water and rum.

In other words, you can ride cable cars up the mountain, visit the waterfalls and villages of Damajagua, and partake in a heady drink or two at the rum museum.

For the journey´s second location, you will find yourself in Bimini on the westernmost part of the Bahamian Islands.

You kick back at the private beach club, dive into those azure waters to swim with stingrays or scuba dive through ancient shipwrecks.

You choose your adventure!

What are some of your favourite cruises from Miami through the Caribbean?

We would love to hear from you. 

Leave us a comment below. 

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