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Questions for Newlywed Game

Are you looking for fun newlywed game questions to ask the new couple to be? 

This game has really become popular over the years and when we were asked to come up with funny questions for a newlywed game for one of our clients, we knew we had to write this post.

If you have never heard of this “couple questions game”, don’t worry, we will tell you all about it. 

The newlywed game is one we recommend all couples to try out.

Coming up with the best-newlywed game questions is always hard for some. 

We had a blast coming with creative questions to ask newlywed couples to be, and we are pretty proud of ourselves for coming up with these creative questions.

We hope you can enjoy them!

I love this game and it can be played as a shoe game at a wedding, a bachelor party or any pre-wedding events you are planning for the couple.

The goal is to ensure that the questions are not too serious, but are fun and appropriate for the crowd you are catering to.

Honestly, the couple does not need to be married in order to enjoy the Newlywed Game.

If you search online, you can even find newlywed game questions for friends which makes it one of the best interactive games out there.

But for those that are looking for questions for the Newlywed Game to play with a potential couple at a wedding or pre-wedding, then this post is for you. 

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So what are the best newlywed game questions for couples?

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What is the Newlywed Game?

The Newlywed Game is an American TV game show that pits newly married couples against each other in a series of revealing question rounds to determine how well the spouses know or do not know each other.

I have watched several of the shows on YouTube including the latest one that came out in 2010!

The show is popular due to the disagreements the couples had about the questions and answers given by their respective spouses.

The Newlywed Game host Bob Eubanks was the master of ceremony who kept the show very entertaining. 

We are going to be answering the following: 

  • What are some great games for newlywed couples

  • What are some relationship questions?

  • What is a good game for couples to play?

  • What are the best questions to ask during the game night?

  • What are some funny newlywed questions to ask?

We are hoping to get you started with this game by answering everything you need to properly play the game. 

Funny newlywed game questions for couples. How well do you know each other? Here you will find the ultimate list of newlywed game questions. Get detailed instructions on how to play and how to throw a newlywed game party. #newlywed #questionsforcouplesHow to play the newlywed game

The first step to playing this game is coming up with funny questions to ask newlyweds.

The funnier the questions, the more entertaining the game will be to play for everyone involved, trust me on this! Don’t worry if you are not sure about what to ask. 

We have a detailed list of newlywed game questions that you can use during your own DIY game. 

You do not need to use them all, picking between 20 and 30 questions is more than enough questions to play with. 

The questions are not in any particular order, so just go through the list and pick ones you feel the crowd will connect with. You can switch them and just make it work for you. 

Playing the game at a bachelorette party: 

Let’s say you were hosting a bachelorette party or any pre-wedding event where only one of the couples was involved. 

I would question the person that will not be attending the pre-wedding event and get all the answers from them. 

And the rule is, the answer you are provided with is what goes no matter what!

At the bachelorette party or any party, you choose to have, ask the question to the significant other and keep track of the points.

For any wrong answer, you can choose to deduct points, have them do something like a take a shot or a funny dare. Just have some fun with it. 

How to play the newlywed game as teams: 

You can also play the newlywed game in times just like you see in the Newlywed game show! 

For team play, I would suggest still picking 10-20 questions to ask couples from the list below.

Keep in mind that questions for the newlywed game need to be funny and entertaining, especially if playing with a team.

And that is why we really suggest using any of the funny newlywed questions we have below!

So to get started with the group or team game, start with the first five questions on your list. 

Then have one person from each couple leave the room while the rest of you write down the answers to the five questions you have decided on.

Once all the questions are answered, the significant others will come back to try and guess the responses from the others.

For the second round of the next five questions, simply alternate partners.

You can keep points, deduct or dare the couples with the least points. As always, have fun with it. 

List of Newlywed Game Questions to ask

If you are ready to play the newlywed game, we hope these questions will inspire you to put a twist on your own game.

As we mentioned earlier, just make sure the questions are easy and fun! Here is a list of funny questions to ask the newlyweds: 

  1. How did you two meet?
  2. Which one of you said, “I love you,” first?
  3. What gift did your beloved get for you on your first birthday together?
  4. Who’s the better kisser?
  5. If you two could go on a dream trip, where would you go?
  6. Which of you two says ‘I love you more?
  7. Who is the best cook?
  8. Who is more romantic?
  9. Which of you won the last argument?
  10. Which one of you first falls asleep at night?
  11. Which spouse gets up first in the morning?
  12. Which spouse snores?
  13. Who wakes up more in the middle of the night?
  14. Which of you deals best with stressful situations?
  15. Which one of you is a greater procrastinator?
  16. Which of you fight most over the TV remote?
  17. Other than you, to whom does your wife/girlfriend speak the most?
  18. What is that one household task your wife says you do better?
  19. If your husband were a character from ‘Friends’ who would they be?
  20. After an argument, who’s usually the first to apologize?
  21. Would they rather spend an evening with you, or a night out with you?
  22. What would be your partner’s dream job, other than the one they are doing now?
  23. If they were stranded on a deserted island, what three things would your partner want to have on hand?
  24. Will your partner say that you spend more money, he spends more money, or you spend money equally?
  25. Which of you spends the most time on the phone or laptop? Doing what?
  26. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would your husband say that you would go?
  27. Who is the better driver?
  28. Who has the most exes?
  29. What’s your partner’s nickname for you?
  30. What’s the best way to get your partner “in the mood”?
  31. Which item of clothing of theirs do you hate the most?
  32. Finish this sentence, “I wish my husband would pay as much attention to me as he does his _________.”
  33. When eating out, which of you is the bigger tipper?
  34. Which of you fight most over the TV remote?
  35. Use one word to describe your husband when they wake up in the morning.
  36. Who eats junk food the most?
  37. What’s your spouse’s favourite ice cream flavour?
  38. Which one of you mainly keeps account of the family finances?
  39. Which of you makes more money?
  40. Who takes longer to get ready?
  41. Which spouse is funnier?
  42. Who is more emotional?
  43. Who is the better dancer?
  44. Who says “I’m sorry” first after a fight?
  45. Who is more likely to plan a date?
  46. Who has more clothes?
  47. Who is more talkative?
  48. Who is more likely to eat the last cookie or chip?
  49. Who is more outgoing?
  50. Who is more likely to forget their keys or wallet at home?
  51. Who watches TV more?
  52. Who takes out the garbage?
  53. Who will be doing the laundry?
  54. Who wants more children?
  55. Who forgets to turn the TV and lights off?
  56. Which spouse is more of a flirt?
  57. Who will be the stricter parent?
  58. Who is more likely to want breakfast for dinner?
  59. Which spouse is more spontaneous?
  60. Which spouse is more likely to drive on a road trip?
  61. Which spouse is better with kids?
  62. Which spouse is more likely to get a parking ticket?
  63. If your spouse cooked dinner, what would they probably make?
  64. Who does your spouse talk to on the phone the most?
  65. Where in the world would your spouse live if they could choose the place?

And there you have it, a list of fun questions for married couples’ game!

This game is really popular and suggests incorporating it in your wedding for easy entertainment or as a group date game with other couples. 

The question game for couples is really entertaining and I know you will enjoy playing it. 

Have fun with our list of funny newlywed questions to ask!

And if you are looking for more questions to ask the newlywed couple, enjoy our list of dirty newlywed game questions below. 

Dirty Newlywed Game Questions

If you are looking to make your game more interesting and you are looking for dirty newlywed game questions to ask couples, then this is your list! 

Check out all the fun and dirty questions you can ask your couples: 

  1. Did you kiss on the first date?
  2. Who kissed first, you or your partner?
  3. Have you ever kissed in public?
  4. Who is a better kisser?
  5. Which physical feature of your partner attracts you the most?
  6. Who dominates the love act between the two of you?
  7. Which song turns on your partner?
  8. Which is the weirdest place where both of you got frisky?
  9. How long does your lovemaking last?
  10. How does your partner prefer to make out lights on or in the dark?
  11. Who is more active in bed?
  12. Who’s more likely to send a surprise nude pic?
  13. If you are planning to be intimate in public, where will it happen?
  14. What is your spouse’s biggest turn-on?
  15. Which animal would your spouse say you are in bed? Tiger, starfish, rabbit?
  16. When it’s time to be intimate, who makes the first move?
  17. Do you role-play in bed?
  18. When was the first time you got intimate with your partner?
  19. Have you ever kissed someone of the same sex?
  20. How long can your spouse go without making love?

And there you have it, the newlywed game questions!

You can mix these questions up with those above in order to create a great mix for the perfect game night. 

The questions are fun and light so pick questions that make sense for the atmosphere you are playing. 

I tried to come up with interesting questions for newly engaged couples, but you are more than welcome to tweak and work with what you feel is best. 

If you are looking for newlywed game questions for a bridal shower, these questions will work just as well. 

Newlywed game app

Coming up with funny newlywed game questions can be hard at times. 

That’s why this list was created for you. 

But you can also use the newlywed game app to come up with funny and unique questions to ask the newlywed couple.

They are no real designated apps for the actual “Newlywed Game Show”, which is sad, but they are great apps out there you can use to have just as fun if you prefer going that route. 

1. The Happy Couple

Happy Couple is a free, fun quiz-style game to deepen your relationship with your partner.

You can download and learn more about the Happy Couple here. 

2. Desire – Couples Game

Desire is a fun game to play with your loved one.

Make date night a sexy adventure and the game challenges your creativity and pushes, you both, to sexy new limits and adventures.

You can sign up for the app here

3. Couple game app

Thousands of couples around the world have joined hands and dived into Couple Game: Relationship Quiz!

Will you and your significant other be next to try out the top of apps for couples – and quizzes together?

Check out a couple of game apps here

The happy couple app for couples.

The Newlywed Game Show

It is an old show, but it was fun to watch and the couples were so entertaining. 

By watching the game, you will see just how fun this game is to play. 

And check out this newlywed game that this couple played. 

I totally love it as well. 

Do you like our top list of questions to ask the newlywed couple?

The funny newlywed game questions are usually the best questions to start with! Enjoy!

Looking for questions to ask the newlywed couple? We have a list of funny questions you can ask the newlywed couple at your next party. They are perfect questions to ask newlywed couples if you are planning a games night. #newlywed #newlywedgameRelated: 

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65+ Best Newlywed Game Questions to Ask Couples in 2022