Unique Wedding Photo Ideas

Do you have a wedding coming up and you are looking for creative wedding photo ideas?

I am with you. 

My own wedding is coming up in less than 2 months and it’s been hard.

It’s safe to say that this year has been a challenging time for everyone.

But like any other year, this is still a great time to get married – well, any day is a great day to finally tie the knot with the one you love, right?

So if you are all set with your wedding preparations and just waiting for the faithful day to say “I do”, why not make it more memorable by having the perfect wedding photos?

I was on Pinterest the other day looking up alternative wedding photos and I came across a lot of great ideas. 

Photos are extremely important to me so finding fun ways to capture my big day was a priority. 

At the end of the day, your memories and wedding photos will be all you have. 

Over the years, photos have been one of the most important aspects of every wedding.

It captures the special moments of your big day and turns them into memories that you can cherish and look back on forever.

This is why wedding photos should be high on your list of priorities – because while everything goes by in a flash, these photos will stay. 

If you are also looking for alternative wedding photography ideas, you have come to the right place.

You don’t need to be a model to take good photos. 

So whether you’re holding a big and grand event or an intimate ceremony, here are the top ideas for having the best wedding photos. 

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What are the must-have wedding photos and how can you capture cool wedding photos?

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Today we will be sharing some of our fun tips. 

Be prepared to find:

  • The best wedding photo inspiration

  • Ideas to build your wedding photos list

  • Funny wedding photo ideas for your fun side

  • Alternative wedding photography ideas

  • And find out what are the must-have wedding photos?

Hopefully, this list will really inspire you to start planning for your wedding again. 

It should also help you get started on your wedding photo ideas list that you can provide to your wedding photographer. 

So if you are ready to see some creative wedding photos, keep scrolling below. 

If you are looking for unique wedding photo ideas, we have a great list! Find over 10 Funny and Creative wedding photo ideas! Wedding is one of the most important events in your life and you definitely want to save the sweet memories for the rest of your lives. So we collected some perfect wedding photo ideas! #weddingphotos #weddingsWhether your wedding is postponed or you hosting a small one this year, these wedding photo ideas will work for you. 

Go ahead and look through our list of funny and creative wedding photo ideas, and hopefully, you will find a pose that you definitely want to try out as a couple. 

Creative Wedding Photo Ideas in 2022

1. Wear something bold

Gone are the days when pretty pastels were all the craze.

In 2022, offbeat wedding photos are all about being different, unique, and bold.

Not only will this wow the crowd but it will also say more about you and your rocking personality. 

You can choose a strong and striking colour that matches your wedding’s theme.

Or you can pick a colour that means something to you.

Either way, deviating from the traditional white wedding dress will surely turn heads, make your wedding more meaningful, and translate to beautiful and one-of-a-kind photos that you will love looking back on for years to come.

For unique wedding photos be sure to wear something that is non-traditional. 

On the other hand, if you want to stick with a white traditional dress, that’s fine too.

You can wear a bold-coloured dress in your pre-wedding photos instead. 

Honestly, non-traditional wedding dresses are making a comeback in 2022!

Check out this crimson red trumpet-style gown by Vera Wang. 

Unique bold wedding dresses. Non traditional wedding dresses are in for 2020! Be unique and buy a non traditional wedding dress #nontraditionalweddingdress #weddingdress


2. Focus on symmetry

If you are hoping to capture creative wedding photos, get your photographer to find a great background. 

The symmetrical patterns and shapes in your surrounding can result in beautiful and eye-catching wedding photos.

You can use stairs, trees, old houses, or anything that follows a specific pattern.

For instance, if you’re getting married inside a chapel, the pews make a great backdrop.

You can pose with your white long gown for the bride and a black suit for the groom.

Then simply empty the chairs behind you will be the focus of the photo. 

Check out these amazing wedding picture ideas for inspiration. 

Perfect symmetrical wedding photos! Check out this gorgeous black and white wedding inspiration #weddingphoto

Photo by Olivia Faith Photo

3. Sunsets

For those looking for alternative wedding photography ideas, think of using sunsets as your background. 

Sunsets have always had this magic effect that makes everything look romantic.

So when taking your wedding photo, make sure to ask your photographer to capture you and your partner during this golden hour.

Surely, you’ll both look good no matter what pose you make. 

Take a look at Pinterest and you find some of the best wedding photo ideas for a sunset shot.

Are you looking for unique wedding photos ideas for your big day? We have list of cool wedding photo ideas you can use this year for your wedding #weddingphotos #photoideas

Photo by Megan Morette Photography

4. Groom standing behind the bride

Having the groom stand behind the bride shows tenderness and sincerity.

It’s also a great shot to capture the wedding dress.

As the bride, try to close your eyes while your partner seemingly whispers something to you.

You can also try gazing into the far distance together. I call this the romantic shot!

A romantic Bohemian wedding! Oak Canyon Nature Center / Anaheim California Wedding Photographer Tessa Tadlock / Boho Wedding

Source: Tessa Tadlock Photo

5. Classic portrait

You will find a lot of good wedding photo ideas on Pinterest. 

But sometimes going back to a simple, more traditional shot works just as well. 

Your wedding photos won’t be complete without the classic portrait of the bride and groom.

These kinds of shots fully capture your faces, expressions, and overall looks.

This photo is best taken while getting ready for the ceremony. 

Here is a shot of the groom getting ready. If you are looking for ideas for the groom getting ready photos ideas, this should help #groom #groomsmen

Source: Peyton Rainey Photography

6. Under the veil

Share a tender moment with your loved one under the veil and have a photographer capture it. They are so many gorgeous wedding photo ideas with veils on Pinterest.

The veil creates this beautiful and elegant effect that instantly directs the viewer’s eyes to both of you.

Under the veil, keep your eyes on each other.

Also, have the groom or partner hold your cheek or share a kiss. 

Under the veil, wedding photos are truly breathtaking. 

Under the veil wedding shot. This is a romantic wedding photo idea that you can use on your own big day!

Check out the full romantic gallery here!

7. Private vows

Whether or not you’re planning to have a big event or a small ceremony, make sure to share private vows or even just a private moment.

Of course, while having your wedding photographer around.

This is the perfect time to capture all your emotions and genuine feelings which will all look great in photos.

And even though you can find a lot of wedding photo ideas around having a private vow, these moments are almost always unique to both of you. 

Private vows before wedding! Here is a an epic photo of a private vow exchange between the couples before the wedding! #privatevows #weddingvows

Photography – Patrick Karkkolainen

8. Remember your guests

Creative wedding photo ideas that involve your wedding guests are always the best. 

Make sure to capture as many moments with your wedding guests and put everyone in big groups.

This way, you can remember all the people who celebrated with you when you look back at these photos in the future.

Plus, such fun photos show you just how everyone at your wedding party was having a ball. 

Epic wedding photo ideas that include the guest!

Photographer: Leo Patron Photography

9. Have fun with props

You can really capture pretty wedding photos using props.

As you know fun photos are always the best.

If you go on Pinterest, you will see plenty of fun wedding photo ideas.

But if you are having a hard time coming up with something unique, use props.

You can have fun with all the props you want when it comes to your wedding photos.

You can use messages, texts, hearts, banners, and anything you can think of.

This is the perfect time to show your creative and funny side. This works really well if you are having a themed wedding

Celestial themed wedding inspiration, moon and star wedding ideas, Life-size moon backdrop photo prop, fairytale wedding at a castle. #celestialwedding #fairytalewedding, #moonwedding #weddingtheme #weddingideas #castlewedding #weddinginspiration #weddingdetails #weddinginspo

Source: Kristen Booth

10. Running away

Your wedding photos need not center around stationary poses.

You can involve as much movement as you want.

So dance, make a spin or carry your bride if you’re the groom.

You can also take your partner’s hand and run away from the camera.

Not only will this make a great image but it’s also symbolic, meaning you’re moving to a brighter future together.

Wedding photos that are fun make for the best wedding photo. Check out this wedding photo idea when a couple is running away! #weddingideas #weddingphotos

Photographer: Jenny Fu

More unique wedding photography poses

If you are looking for more unique wedding photography poses you can use on your big day, you can never go wrong with these:

Just the two of you:

Take a romantic wedding photo with just the two of you!

Check it out here!

Fun wedding photo ideas:

Honestly, keep your wedding photos fun and unique to you guys as a couple. 

If you are goofy, nerdy or even an introvert, find creative wedding photo ideas that reflect your personality as a couple. 

These photos tend to be the best. 

Here are some fun wedding photo ideas you can steal for your own big day. Keep it fun as weddings can be stressful!

View the full wedding here!

The first look shot:

Most couples capture the usual reaction of the first look. 

But if you truly want creative wedding photography, I suggest having fun with it as well. 

Go on Pinterest and you will find many amazing ideas. 

Just look up fun wedding photo ideas!

Capture the first look shot is always classy. Here is a few creative fist look wedding photos to steal!

Captured by this awesome photographer!

The Final Wedding Shot

Before the day ends, make sure to have your photographer capture one last kiss between you and your new husband.

For that full, romantic vibe, try to incorporate some lighting effects with sparklers, fireworks, fairy lights, etc.

A kiss is the perfect ending to your special day and a great way to start your new journey together.

Exit wedding photo idea for your wedding this! Here is how to capture that final wedding photo shot #weddingideas

Photo by Jennifer See Studios

We hope you enjoyed these creative wedding photo ideas! 

Now that you have a complete list, which wedding photo idea was your favourite? Tell us in the comments below. 

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Have you seen any creative wedding photography lately? 

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Top 10 Creative Wedding Photo Ideas in 2022 You Should Steal