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Meaning of Black Wedding Dress

What exactly does a black wedding dress symbolize, and is it acceptable to wear one for your big day? 

The colour, style and ceremonial importance of your wedding dress will depend on how you were brought up, your culture and what part of the world you were accustomed to.

Since I am from Africa, in some areas, wearing a black dress would be considered bad luck, I would probably be called a witch, and it would be a no! 


When I was getting married in 2020, I tried on a black dress, and my mother almost had a heart attack. 

Black wedding dresses have become popular over the years, and I am seeing more and more brides embrace this colour. 

Today I am excited to share more about:

  • Black wedding dress meaning

  • What does a black dress mean to you?

  • History of brides wearing black

So is it ok to wear a back dress to a wedding?

And what do black wedding dresses mean?

Once upon a time, it was considered taboo to wear a black wedding dress. 

Traditionally, black wedding dresses were considered a no go. 

Even today, white wedding dresses still have much more power over other colours, as you may notice when you walk into a bridal boutique. 

There is still limited availability when it comes to black wedding dresses. 

And why is that?

And what does it mean when a bride wears black? 

Can you break tradition and wear black now that society slowly embraces black wedding dresses? 

Let’s dive in and look at why I say wear what you want for your big day. 

Tradition is meant to be broken. 

So what does it mean to wear a black wedding dress? 

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The History of Black Wedding Dresses

Back in the good old days, brides were allowed to wear any colour dress they wanted. 

You would go into your wardrobe, pick your best dress, and this was your wedding dress. 

If you did have the money to purchase a gown for your special day back then, you would pick a black material as you knew you would wear that dress a couple more times after the wedding. 

It was encouraged to wear a black dress, which meant it wouldn’t get dirty as fast as a white dress. 

At some point in history, if a groom was marrying a widower, the bride had to wear black. 

The fact that this was decided is sad. 

As history progressed, wearing black became considered bad luck or untasteful. 

Almost as if those that chose to wear a black wedding dress were just been rebellious. 

So, where did the white dress come from?

Queen Victoria made it famous. 

Or should I say fashionable?

Queen Victoria wore a white dress when she married Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg.

This was back in 1940, and suddenly, everyone wanted to wear white, and it’s been white since then. 

At least shades of whites. 

She was considered a celebrity, and we know how much a celebrity can influence the crowd! 

Other cultures are also known to have worn black wedding dresses, such as in China, where in the Zhou Dynasty, brides and bridegrooms had to wear pure black robes with red trim during their reign.

And in Spain, it was customary for Spanish brides to wear a black gown paired with a veil, called a mantilla in the Roman Catholic tradition. 

What does a black wedding dress symbolize? If you are planning to wear a black wedding dress for your wedding, here is everything you need to know! Find the perfect black wedding dress now!

Meaning of Black Wedding Dress

Anything other than white usually means unconventional and not part of the tradition. 

It’s considered “not the norm,” so to speak! 

A beautiful black wedding dress for the bride can symbolize power and prestige. 

It can also mean acceptance of modern styles. 

And it can also have a different meaning for different people. 

Knowing that black wedding dresses have many meanings, let’s look into a few. 

Here is what a black wedding dress symbolizes: 

  • Death – A black dress or attire is considered a colour of mourning. As someone that loves wearing black, I often get the “Why all black? Did someone die?”
  • Gothic – Most black bridal dresses and attires, in general, are considered gothic, meaning those who practice that culture often wears all black.
  • Elegance – In the modern world, it’s advised to have at least one black dress that you can wear to every occasion. This is because black dresses are classy, stylish, and perfect for any event. Look at all the black ball gown wedding dresses or black lace wedding dresses, don’t say they are not elegant.
  • Unconventional – I have mentioned it a few times, but black wedding dresses are known to be less traditional and not the norm. 
  • Preference in style – most brides that choose black gowns is categorized as what they prefer over the traditional look. 
  • Cultural preferences – In places like Spain, a black wedding dress symbolizes the bride’s vow of loving her partner until death does them part! 

This is usually why some brides have avoided wearing black wedding dresses, mainly because death is associated with the colour black. 

Black wedding dresses are also thought to be slimming. 

It’s a well-known fact that wearing black makes you look thinner. 

But I think black is just an elegant and sophisticated look. 

10 Beautiful black wedding dresses for stylish brides

Whether you are considering wearing black bridal gowns or are on the fence, we have a few ideas below to help you solidify your plans.  

Determine what vibe you are going with in terms of a black dress, and pick the one you feel the best in. 

You are bound to feel sophisticated and bold in a sexy black wedding dress or grand and dramatic. 

Get your vision together and start curating ideas that give you a cohesive look. 

Don’t forget about accessories. 

For those here wondering what a black wedding dress symbolizes, it is what you want it to represent!

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Is it okay to wear a black wedding dress? 


It’s your wedding, and you should wear what you want, especially if you are paying for your big day. 

A black dress is perfect for brides looking for unconventional looks and wanting to stay away from traditions. 

It’s fashionable, elegant and trendy! 

If a black wedding dress speaks more to your personality, you should rock one on your special day. 

Just as white dresses have different shades, think Ivory, start white, natural white, and champagne, black to have different shades!

Black wedding dresses can come in charcoal, ebony, black olive and more. 

Accessories the gown with a black wedding veil; wear black or dark jewelry or fascinators. 

Even in 2022, it’s hard for many brides to find their perfect black wedding dress!

Lucky for you, more brands and bridal boutiques are slowly incorporating colour into their catalogues. 

When is it appropriate to pick a black gown?

Even today, wearing a white wedding dress is still very traditional.

More brides are ignoring “the norm” of what society expects and are choosing to get married wearing whatever style they want in whatever colour they choose. 

Is it okay for the bride to wear a black dress to a wedding?

Can I get a big YES?

You can choose to wear black for your wedding. 

It’s your wedding day, and if you feel like a black bridal gown is the most beautiful look on you, get that dress. 

Being comfortable and expressing yourself with what you wear is the goal. 

The choice to wear a beautiful black wedding dress is usually perceived as a person making a statement, but I don’t feel this way. 

It’s about being comfortable with what you want. 

Other popular times and themes to wear a black wedding dress are if you are having a:

No rule says black wedding gowns should only be worn at themed wedding events. 

Ultimately, I believe you can wear a black wedding gown regardless of what is said around you. 

Wearing black is a personal choice that only you can make. 

Make sure it’s your style and that you love it. 

Will you be shopping for beautiful black wedding dresses?

So what does a black wedding dress symbolize to you?

We want to hear your thoughts. 

Please share them in the comments below. 

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What Does A Black Wedding Dress Symbolize?