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Romantic Backyard Date Ideas

These backyard date night ideas are perfect for couples that enjoy spending time in their backyard. 

I am not a huge outdoors fan, but I love hanging out in my backyard. 

It’s fun, cozy and highly relaxing. 

After a long day at work or with the kids, I kick off my shoes and sit in my cozy outdoor lounge area. 

I expressly set it up to give me that indoor-outdoor ambiance. 

Whether you have a cute patio, a tented backyard, a pool or a hot tub, the backyard is a great place to host your weekly date nights. 

You don’t need to go out every Wednesday or Friday night to enjoy yourselves. 

Setting up your backyard in a relaxed way will do just fine. 

And if you are stuck on ways to make it fun or romantic, we have a few backyard date night ideas you might love. 

Keep it spontaneous by trying something different or out of the norm each week. 

That way, it doesn’t become boring. 

If you know the weather is going to be great, then go ahead and plan a backyard date night to remember. 

And if you are little kids, you can either put them to bed early or have a parent or a good friend/relative look after them for the night or a couple of hours. 

This is your time to enjoy with little to no distractions.

Healthy relationship goals will help you work on and grow as a couple. 

The first step is to find time to spend just the two of you unwind and see where you stand. 

Lucky for you, we will be sharing the following:

  • Top ideas for backyard date nights

  • List of romantic outdoor activities for couples

  • What to wear to your backyard romantic date

If you’re looking for romantic backyard date night ideas that are easy to put together and enjoyable, check out the list below.

Our suggestions below have made planning a romantic night for your man much more manageable.

Bonus, almost all of these backyard date night ideas are super budget-friendly and, in some cases, free!

Next time you don’t feel like going out or maybe can’t go out, try one of these unique and budget-friendly backyard date night ideas for couples!

They are all so much fun. 

30 romantic backyard date night ideas for couples to enjoy including writing love letters, having a coffee date, slow dancing in the backyard and more. If you want to be exciting, these backyard date ideas are perfect for you!

So what are some fun ideas for a date in your backyard?

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Don’t forget to grab this romantic bucket list printable to write down your backyard date ideas!

Romantic Bucket List for couple planner! Grab these bucket list printables to create your own bucket list for your significant other!

Romantic Backyard Date Night Ideas

Just because you are planning a date in your backyard does not mean it has to be dull and not romantic. 

And if possible, avoid ordering takeout (unless you had no time to plan). 

Besides this, planning will ensure that your time spent with your significant other in your backyard is perfect. 

Spice up your romance routine with these fantastic backyard date night ideas!

  • Watch the sunset or sunrise – My first boyfriend, and I once watched the sunrise on our first date. We stayed up talking all night long. It was romantic and memorable at the time. 
  • Have a romantic conversation about your love life – Keep things light and fun and open up about your love life and where you want your relationship to go. Talking to your spouse is fun; you never know where it will lead. Here are a few conversation starters for married couples that are perfect for those struggling to find things to talk about. 
  • Slow dance to romantic music – Play your favourite romantic music and spend a few hours just listening or slow dancing. It will also bring you closer romantically as you spend more and more time in each other’s arms. Find a portable speaker and create a love song playlist on Spotify. 
  • Give each other massages – A massage is a great way to relax and connect with your significant other. Play romantic music, burn some organic scented candles and use a good massage oil! I am always up to enjoying a romantic massage in my backyard. 
  • Cuddle up in a hammock – No need to talk; start your easy listening music list and each other cuddling in a hammock. Bring out the cozy blankets and a pillow to make it more romantic!
  • Recreate your favourite date – Relive great memories by holding a backyard version of a treasured memory. Order takeout from the restaurant where you had that date, play the same music that was on at the bar where you went or cook a version of the cuisine that first brought you together. This one is always romantic. 
  • Scrapbook your old photos – Print out some of your favourites together, grab a scrapbooking kit and preserve your memories for years to come. You could put them in frames if you want to hang them or even create photobooks of your kids. Either way doing something fun like this will have you reminiscing. And our romantic backyard date ideas would not be complete without this one.
  • Go stargazing in your backyard – You will need your special blanket for this one. Go out in your backyard late at night, preferably a night with clear skies and spread out a blanket. Take the time to take it all in. This act can be relaxing. 
  • Make a couple’s bucket list – Your backyard date night ideas can and should involve some future planning! I love working with a bucket list. It’s an excellent opportunity to sit down as a couple and think about what you both want to do together and as individuals! Grab this bucket list planner to help you get started, and check out this epic list of 100 things to do as a couple!
  • Write each other romantic love letters – Let’s take things back to the good old days with some pen and paper! Grab some cute paper stationery and spend the week writing romantic love notes to each other. During your next backyard date, exchange your letters and read them to each other over a good meal and some wine!

30 romantic backyard date night ideas for couples to enjoy including writing love letters, having a coffee date, slow dancing in the backyard and more. If you want to be exciting, these backyard date ideas are perfect for you!

Romantic Backyard Dinner For Two

I love food, so my dates are usually not complete without at least having a bite to eat. 

This section is dedicated to my food lovers. 

Take the time to enjoy a backyard romantic dinner once in a while. 

If you know your backyard date night is coming up, plan and prepare what you will be having. 

You can go as fancy as you like or choose comfort foods. 

If food is a must for your date, incorporating these backyard dinners for two options is a win. 

  • Romantic Candlelight Dinner for Two in the backyard – Make a delicious meal and set it up on your outdoor table or a cozy blanket. Ensure the table is beautifully set up with a tablecloth, some candles and simple floral centrepieces
  • Backyard BBQ for two or more – This can be enjoyed with other couples, or you can plan it for just you two as a couple. If you are doing a double date or have a few friends, have them bring side dishes to share while you grill up the main dishes!
  • Wine tasting for two at home – Plan a romantic wine tasting at home for the two of you by sampling your favourite wines. Don’t forget cute appetizers to go with your wine. Each of you can pick two wines and make some fun appetizer pairings to go with them. 
  • Dessert night for two – Do you love dessert? I know my partner does. Instead of having dessert for dinner, once the kids go to bed, why not enjoy some sweet desserts for two with coffee or tea out in your backyard while you catch up on your week? Think desserts such as fondue, s’mores, marshmallows or even ice cream! You can even have an assorted display of mini desserts to enjoy. 
  • Romantic Backyard Coffee Date – I love my coffee, and no list of backyard date night ideas is complete without mentioning coffee dates! Meet your significant other in the backyard for coffee. Set up a romantic and cozy coffee table with candles and romantic music. Spend time discussing your day and the future, or even plan a romantic vacation for two
  • Romantic Backyard Picnic Date Night- Not only are all of our ideas affordable, but they are so cute. Go ahead and grab your best picnic blanket, some plates, cutlery and cups. You can go as elaborate as you want or keep it simple with a charcuterie board, wine and cheese, simple sandwiches, or a homemade meal. 

Romantic backyard picnic date! Here are 30 romantic things to do in your backyard as a couple! date ideas date night idea romantic couple relationship love inspiration activity bucket list.

Cute Backyard Date Night Activities

This is your section if you are looking for fun backyard activities for adults. 

And if you don’t enjoy outdoor activities, it’s a great idea to try a few of these date night activities. 

We have many unique romantic backyard ideas you can try out with your significant other on date night.

  • Couple yoga session – Stretch, strengthen and center yourselves with outdoor couples’ yoga. Find a YouTube yoga channel or app to get your vinyasa on in your backyard while enjoying the fresh air.
  • Finish a fun but challenging puzzle – Working together on a task like this could take days or weeks! This will allow you to work on it together, talk, and connect instead of binging a TV show!
  • Have a paint-off night – This can be done in a group with other couples or just the two of you. Set up an object in your backyard and bring your art supplies (markers, crayons, watercolours, or even pens) – don’t forget the wine and snacks. The best or closest art resemblance wins a small prize. 
  • Backyard game night – board games are always fun in my books. Whether you choose to play a two-player game or you would like to include other couples, you know you will have a blast. You could spend hours playing these fun games: Monopoly, Adult board games, Couples Trivia games, and Codenames: Duets and Cards Without Decency.
  • Play interactive backyard lawn games – lawn games are always fun to play as a groom or two players. Playing badminton, bocce ball, croquet and Jenga is always a good time. 
  • Have a good old time fighting – fighting releases any built-in stress you might have. Have a good fight with a water gun, food or pillow fight! 
  • Project a backyard movie on a backdrop – We can’t have date ideas without including movie night. Create a cozy movie theatre in your backyard and go on a date. Don’t forget the popcorn, blankets and drinks. If you cannot set one up, a laptop will also work. Enjoy some romantic movies and call it a night! 
  • Try The Date Night Box Experience – I love these date night subscription boxes. They are perfect for busy couples who have little time to plan the ideal date for each other but understand it is essential to set time for each other! I love the Under The Stars date box the best, and it will go perfectly with your other backyard date night ideas. 
  • Make it a spa date night – Bring out your favourite moisturizer, face masks, and any other beauty product you may have been saving for a rainy day and DIY a spa in your backyard, complete with sleepers and a bathrobe. Put on your robes, slice up some cool cucumbers and lemons to make spa water, and have a night of relaxation. You can also grab this spa kit and soothing pedicure foot spa if you have nothing to work with at home. Self-care is important!

Other Cute Backyard Date Ideas

These cute backyard date night ideas should remind you that your relationship can be exciting without fake or expensive bells and whistles. 

Whether you are looking for inspiration for times when your budget is a little tight, or you would rather stay home and need creative ideas to bring some spark into your relationship, we have many romantic backyard date night ideas for you.

Most of these are cheap or require you to spend little money.

  • Go camping in your backyard – bring out the camping gear. Enjoy some much-needed childhood fun by sleeping outdoors in your backyard and enjoying nurture. Get the tent and sleeping bag out and set up a cozy campsite to enjoy. You can camp out all night or just a couple of hours like I did. 
  • Bonfire and marshmallows – can you set up a bonfire in your backyard? Then go for it. You need a fire pit if possible. Snuggle up under a blanket by a bonfire while you roast some tasty marshmallows. This is so romantic, and I am sure you will sit outside until the fire dies out. 
  • Backyard midnight dip – Do you have a pool or hot tub? If you do, set up some floating candles in your swimming pool and spend time swimming and talking. Or, if you have a hot tub, pop some champagne and spend time cuddling and talking about your day. If you have none of these, grab your kid’s blow-up pool, fill it up, grab a drink and enjoy having fun. 
  • Find time to read – with the busy life of society, finding time to read is nearly impossible. Set up some blankets in the yard or lounge in your favourite chair while you both read. And for the last 30 minutes, spend time discussing what you just read. Audiobooks are also welcome here! 
  • Enjoy A Fun Backyard Concert  – Did you know that you could now stream concerts online? Musicians have now allowed the world to stream shows online. All you have to do is dress up, set up front-row seats and some drinks and hit play!  It can be done with other couples or just with your significant other. 

Enjoy an outdoor concert for a date, backyard coffee date or skinny dip in your backyard with your significant other. 30 romantic backyard date night ideas for couples to enjoy including writing love letters, having a coffee date, slow dancing in the backyard and more. If you want to be exciting, these backyard date ideas are perfect for you!

What To Wear To A Backyard Date Night

Now that you have some epic backyard date night ideas, it’s time to dress the part.

The date is in your backyard doesn’t mean you don’t have to dress the part.

Deciding what to wear to a backyard date night is always tricky because being at home means being comfortable.

You can be comfortable but look cute. 

At least make it look like you put in some effort as you used to when you first met and went on romantic dates

Here are some comfortable but cute backyard date night outfit ideas that will be attractive but still very comfortable:

  • Comfortable leggings and a sweater or cute top are my go-to at home. A cute sweater top like this one or this is always sexy.  A sweater dress is always pretty, especially if you are unsure about the weather. Here are some excellent dress sweater options. This one is more dressy for your backyard date ideas that are more formal, like dinner! This one is perfect for snuggling, and this one is just fun and flirty!
  • Don’t have time to dress for your backyard date night? Then stick to the classic Jeans and a cute sweater date night outfit!

Sweater top for a backyard date night! Stick to the classy cute sweater and jeans for date night!

Image source: Just Vibing Olive Green Ribbed V-Neck Sweater Top

Ambrosio Black High-Low Maxi Skirt for a cute date in the backyard.

Source: Ambrosio Black High-Low Maxi Skirt

Which of these backyard date ideas will you be trying out first? 

Take the time to plan a romantic date for your partner using our fun backyard date ideas.

Home date nights are always fun because they are in your space’s comfort zone.

Spending time together is a great way to keep your relationship alive. 

We want to hear from you. 

Leave us a comment with your favourite backyard date night ideas, and we might add them to the list. 

If you have unique outdoor date ideas, tell us all about them. 

I can’t wait! 

Don’t forget to grab this simple but romantic bucket list printable to put these romantic backyard date night date ideas in motion. 

Romantic Bucket List for couple planner! Grab these bucket list printables to create your own bucket list for your significant other!

Fill your bucket list with fun backyard couple activities, romantic date ideas you want to try, meaningful bonding and crazy things to do to help bond your special relationship.

For other bucket list ideas, check out this fun Halloween Bucket list for adults, Summer bucket list for couples, and this epic Fall Bucket list for couples

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