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Wedding Planning Movies

Do you know what’s better than the average movie? A wedding movie! Yeah, that’s right, wedding movies rock.

What better way to get you in the mood for planning a wedding than watching Hollywood’s attempt at the perfect wedding (which almost always has a few hilarious antics along the way).

Here are our top 16 wedding movies that we totally love and we can watch over and over.

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Most Romantic Wedding Movies

They are plenty of romantic wedding movies out there, but if you are looking for a more romantic movie or something to watch with your bridesmaids, these should do the trick:

  • Monster-In-Law
  • Lucky 7
  • It Had To Be You 
  • The Wedding Date
  • Sweet Home Alabama
  • 27 Dresses
  • The Runaway Bride

These are just a few of the many wedding movies that exist, below we are going to share the best ones that you should absolutely watch during your wedding planning. 

The Best Wedding Movies

Watching wedding movies can inspire you for your own wedding. For example, you can get great wedding theme ideas for your own big day, some wedding decor ideas.

Here are a few romantic wedding movies to watch to help you plan a wedding. If you are planning a wedding movie themed event, this can help you get started! #weddingmovies

1// Bridesmaids

Watch poor Annie have the misfortune of being asked to be the maid of honor and plan a kick-ass bachelorette party. You’ll laugh, cry and laugh again in this hilarious comedy.

It might make you think about what your own poor maid of honor is going through.

bridesmaids wedding movie

2// The Hangover

The ultimate stag party gone wrong. A good reason why not to let your husband-to-be have his stag the night before the wedding.

When the groom goes missing a hilarious hunt for him takes a few wrong turns after a crazy night.

The hangover, the best wedding movie

3// Four Weddings and a Funeral

A classic British romantic comedy with lead actor Hugh Grant and a group of his friends that seem to just be unlucky in love.

Whilst paths cross and life’s intertwined over, you guessed it, four weddings and a funeral.

four weddings and a funeral

4// Wedding Crashers 

What’s the easiest way to get free booze and meet women? By crashing weddings of course. When the boss announces that his daughter is to be wed, the two comrades make it their mission to gatecrash this high-profile event.

But all fall awry when Owen Wilson’s character John locks eyes with the bridesmaid.

The wedding crashers - wedding movie #weddingmovies

5// Mamma Mia

Independent hotelier Donna (played by Meryl Streep) prepares for her daughters’ wedding. But things take an unexpected turn when the daughter invites 3 men that could all potentially be her real father.

Add gorgeous Greek backgrounds and Abba sing-alongs and you have the recipe for a hit movie. This is actually one of our favorite wedding movies.

And if you want to come up with a good wedding reception playlist, good mother-daughter songs or even some wedding ceremony songs, then have pen and paper ready! 

Mama mia - the best wedding movie

6// Father of the Bride 

A tale of a protective father that is trying to let his little girl go.

When she turns up after studying away with a fiance in tow, wedding plans begin and hilarity ensues along with emotional scenes that might bring out the tissues.

If you are looking for a few wedding movies to binge watch, then watch all the father and the bride movies.

I believe they are 3 now! 

father of the bride wedding movie

7// The Princess Bride

A favorite from childhood is The Princess Bride. A fairy tale adventure that shows true love can conquer evil no matter the distance between them.

With so many lovable characters from both sides, it’s the perfect wedding movie for the whole family.

The prince bride

8// The Wedding Planner

How can we have a list of the best wedding movies without including this one?

A wedding planner is given reason to believe in love again after a wondrous night spent with a gentleman that saved her life.

But little does she know that her work and love life are on a collision course straight for disaster.

the wedding planner with jennifer lopez

9// Corpse of the Bride

Looking for something a little bit different than the usual wedding movie then this Tim Burton masterpiece is just the trick. I actually recently watched a few wedding movies lately and this one was different.

An unconventional love story in this animated movie will leave you full-hearted.

copse bride

10// Muriel’s Wedding

Muriel has always dreamed of getting married, but with her oppressive father and being ostracized by her fellow peers she becomes an outcast that has never even been on a date.

When she meets fellow outcast Rhonda they leave for Australia where she changes her name and begins building a new life.

murial's wedding

11// The Proposal

I know I already mentioned my favorite movie but I am a true romantic at heart and I love wedding movies. With this in mind, I am allowed to have more than one favorite right?

Because I really love The Proposal! This amazing comedy movie features Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds, my two favorite actors. 

When a Canadian woman, Margaret Tate, learns that she may face deportation charges because of her expired visa she is determined to retain her position as Executive Chief. 

She convinces her assistant, Andrew Paxton, to temporarily act as her fiancé.

The proposal

12// Just Married

The honeymoon is not a honeymoon if you take away all the fun from it.

Bumping into your ex during your honeymoon could be considered fun, but it depends on whose side you’re looking from at the situation.

Just married - Romantic wedding movie to watch

13// Sex and The City

This wedding movies list will not be fulfilled without adding Sex and The City on it! If you love shoes, purses, and dresses, then we won’t say more!

Just watch this one. 

Sex and the City - movies about planning a wedding

14//  The Wedding Ringer

If you love Kevin Hart, you will love this wedding flick!

This movie shows you exactly how exhausting and stressful weddings can be! If you want to have a good laugh, I highly recommend this wedding movie.

The Wedding Ringer

15// Maid of Honor 

Alright, remember McDreamy from Grey’s Anatomy?

Well did you know that he acted in one of the best wedding movies of all times? If you think that a guy can not be a maid of honor, then think again! 

But wait until you see the plot twist with this one! 

Maid of honor, a funny movie about weddings #weddingmovies

16// Bride Wars

Liv and Emma are best friends who since childhood have planned every detail of their respective weddings as longtime best friends should do!

Now, at age 26, they’re both about to get married; they’re about to realize their dreams, and they’re about to live happily ever after. Or maybe not… 

Watch this wedding movie to find out happens! 

Bride wars, a romantic wedding movie #weddingmovie

New Wedding Movies

If you are looking for more of the latest wedding movies, you might enjoy these: 

  • Destination wedding with Kenue Reeves
  • The Week of
  • Table 19
  • Groomzilla and,
  • Crazy Rich Asians

Crazy Rich Asians actually had me in tears! Check out the wedding ceremony scene below! Totally gorgeous!

Which of these wedding movies will you watch first? Have you seen any of these? If we missed anything, tell us in the comments below!

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Top 16 Wedding Movies That We Love and That You Must See