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Creative Wedding Themes

You have several wedding themes to pick from. Choosing a wedding theme for your big day can be one of the hardest decisions you can make in the early planning stages.

Do you want to go rustic, romantic or chic and modern? Can your wedding budget accommodate the wedding theme you wish to have?

Once you’ve made your final decision on the wedding theme you can then get started with getting all the bits and pieces pulled together to make it a reality.

What’s A Wedding Theme? 

Your wedding theme is a way to show off your unique style and look like a couple or individual.

A wedding theme usually sets the tone for the type of wedding you are going to host as well as informs your guests what to expect, how to dress and sometimes act.

For example, if you are hosting a beach wedding theme because you are either having a destination wedding or you love the beach, don’t expect your guests to wear formal suits.

But, by not communicating this, some guests might assume that your wedding is a formal event! 

What are the most popular wedding themes?

I have been planning weddings for a while and some of the most popular wedding themes seem to be the rustic wedding themes and the romantic or traditional wedding themes.

In the past 3 years, I have planned more rustic weddings than any other wedding style.

Keep in mind that you can create any wedding style just as simple as picking the right wedding venue, the right color schemes, and the right aesthetic.

You do not need to stick with the popular wedding themes, try to add your own style to it to make it different. 

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How To Choose A Wedding Theme

If you have hired a wedding planner or a wedding designer, they might be able to help you with the process of choosing the right wedding theme. 

If you are not sure exactly what a wedding planner does, this post will help you.

Before deciding and sticking to a wedding theme, think about your wedding venue.

Find inspiration using your venue and build your theme around that. The venue will certainly set a tone for your aesthetic, be sure to use that. 

Think about your personal style when planning your day. Don’t forget to think outside the box and find alternative wedding themes.

Stay away from wedding trends as these seem to come and go. And keep the wedding season in mind when choosing your wedding theme. 

But definitely go with a wedding theme that makes you happy as a couple. 

Here is a List of Different Wedding Themes to choose from:

We’ve put together a list of 8 wedding themes that could inspire you in making a decision about your own wedding.

How to pick a wedding theme. This romantic wedding theme is perfect for couples that want to declare their love for one another. #romanticwedding #weddingtheme

Romantic Wedding Theme

Soft color palettes, delicate lighting and plenty of flower arrangements are typical for a romantic wedding theme.

Think soft pastels for bridesmaid gowns, hanging lights or even chandeliers and pretty romantic font for use on your wedding invitations and name cards.

If you are thinking that a romantic wedding theme best describes you, this elegant wedding at the Delafield Hotel will just melt your heart!

How to pick a wedding theme. This romantic wedding theme is perfect for couples that want to declare their love for one another. #romanticwedding #weddingtheme

Venue: Delafield Hotel

Vintage Wedding Themes

Take inspiration from decades past with a vintage theme.

Look for antique feeling decor for your ceremony and reception.

Things like weathered doors and worn seating can help, along with retro items like typewriters or books for decoration.

Use a vintage car like an old Volkswagen to make your get-away and complete your vintage wedding theme.

Thinking of Vintage weddings? Here is how to plan one for under 10K!

Looking for more wedding themes? Think no further than hosting an elegant vintage wedding theme #Vintagetheme

Casual Outdoor Wedding Theme

If you are dreaming of a casual wedding the perfect solution could be an outdoor themed wedding.

Create a relaxed feel with pretty decorations hanging from trees and strings of lights to create the mood when nighttime falls.

Of course, you don’t have to be outdoors to have that outdoor feel.

Bring the outside in by decorating your space with plenty of greenery and look at venue options where you can always see the outside by means of large open doors or windows.

A romantic outdoor wedding

Photographer: Matthew Davis Studio

Bohemian Wedding Theme

A popular wedding theme is bohemian, and it’s easy to see why.

With simplistic but elegant decorations along with colorful oriental touches like rugs and pillows, the boho theme is the perfect way to say “I do” in a beautiful and carefree manner.

This is actually one of the most popular wedding themes.

Check out these extremely romantic bohemian wedding dresses that are perfect for any style. 

Traditional Wedding

If you are one that loves to stick to tradition then run with it.

Have a completely black-tie affair and pull out all the stops with grand table settings with a full sit-down dinner and ornate flower arrangements, even on the cake.

Top it all of with an exquisite head table to keep to traditional roots.

Traditional wedding themes are one of the most popular wedding themes! People sometimes just like to go with the norm.

But if you dare to be different, definitely mix both your personalities to create a theme that reflects the both of you as a couple. 

Elegant Tropical Wedding Theme Ideas

If a beach wedding isn’t quite within reach but you still want to have a tropical feel, you can.

All you need is plenty of plants like palm fronds and neon florals teamed with a laid-back decor and you have a tropical, beach-inspired wedding.

Top it off with a signature beachy cocktail and you’ll never notice the difference. I love the sound of hosting a tropical wedding theme! 

Winter Wedding Theme

Winter is a beautiful time of year to get married and a theme of itself. I mean, just check out Kristina and Mark romantic winter wedding which was absolutely to die for! 

By having a winter wedding theme, you have a lot of things to think about. Find ways to create a warm and cozy decor with an open fire and dark, soft furnishings.

Hope for a bit of snow on the day or create your own to get the most beautiful wedding pictures to look back on forever.

Here are 5 Winter Wedding Tips to follow for a flawless day! 

Alternative Wedding Themes

For those that don’t follow tradition or take the usual beaten track, an alternative wedding could be the theme you’re looking for.

Pick colors that work for you and your partner and inject your own personality into it by decorating your space with things that define you.

Push the boundaries and create something that is completely matched to your own personality.

If you are not sure where to start, think wedding movies, your favorite tv shows, Disney weddings and more. 

Do You Need A Wedding Theme?

As we mentioned earlier, a wedding theme is a good idea to have in order to let your guests know what to expect as well as how to dress.

It gives them better preparation, especially those that have kids or even those that are on a budget.

With this in mind, you absolutely do not need to have a wedding theme in order to plan the perfect day! 

What is your wedding theme!

If you are having one, we would love to hear all about it below!

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8 Different Wedding Themes To Help Inspire Any Bridal Style