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We have talked about the steps you must take once you are engaged in our Wedding planning 101 series. If you missed it read it here: Wedding Planning 101: Recently Engaged!  The hardest thing to achieve is the wedding budget. Are you having a lavish wedding? A small and intimate wedding? All this will determine the wedding budget. The more guests you have, the more you have to spend.

Wedding budget

Source: Photography: Elizabeth Messina  Fashion Styling: Eronmwon Balogun   Assistant Stylist:  Laura Wise

Who is helping you pay for the wedding? Are you paying for the wedding? Is your family pitching in? If any family member is assisting with the wedding, you will need to determine how much they will be pitching in. Have that talk with them (in person). Have them commit to an amount and determine earlier on how you will have access to this fund? If one side of the family is helping with the venue? They might pay the venue directly by putting a credit card on file. You do not want to start chasing for funds down the line, it’s best to determine how accessible these funds will be.


Are you paying for the wedding on your own? In this case you will need to pull your resources together. Most couples seek out the help of a financial adviser.  An average wedding of a 100 person costs about $25,000 in Ottawa

Not sure of what you will need to pay for?

Ceremony/ Officiant
Wedding Rings

Don’t forget the taxes and the gratuities.

Start saving: I would suggests opening a joint account dedicated to your wedding.  Skip that latte that you take every morning.  That $4.00 you spend a day for 52 weeks amounts to $1, 456.00 – Use this funds for your DJ/Entertainment.

Coffee-say no

Happy Planning

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