Best couple holiday destinations

Finding the best vacation spots for couples to host a wedding is now possible.

The dream of having a destination wedding is one that many of us hold.

With the idea of beautiful sandy beaches, perfect weather and amazing backdrops it’s not hard to see why. But many think that a destination wedding is something only the few can afford, but they would be wrong.

Are they really such a thing as destination weddings on a budget out there? 

Yes, large-scale weddings in popular destinations can add up to a pretty sum.

But there are so many options out there so that anyone can have their dream of a destination wedding come true.

In today’s post we wanted to make it as easy as possible to help you plan your trip with less stress but with more fun! 

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We’ve listed a few our best vacation spots for couples that with a little bit of planning anyone can afford.

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How Do You Plan A Romantic Vacation 

Whether you are planning a romantic wedding or a couple’s getaway, destination locations are always a go for most people!

Before you go anywhere, always come up with a budget of how much you are willing to spend, think about activities you would like to do while on vacation and then research a romantic vacation destination that suits your needs! 

Here are a few vacation spot locations to consider:

The Dominican Republic Destination Wedding

A popular vacation spot, The Dominican Republic is quickly becoming a hot spot for couples looking to get married.

With palm-fringed beaches and lush mountains, it definitely ticks the box of the picturesque setting.

Many resorts also offer wedding packages at very affordable prices.

These packages can include everything to rooms, food, entertainment, and a wedding coordinator. Taking the stress out of organizing a destination wedding.


All Inclusive Bahamas

Literal paradise, the Bahamas offers a lush tropical setting.

Many people have their dream wedding here and the island has a specialist wedding team that can help yours come true also.

Atlantis boasts over 20 wedding and reception venues.

And with packages that cater to budgets big and small alike, your vision of the perfect, secluded destination wedding is only a flight away.

Weddings In Mexico

With three things in abundance, good weather, friendly locals and tequila to spare, Mexico is the perfect wedding spot for those looking for a fun and friendly wedding.

With many places to choose from in Mexico, it is best to do your research to find the perfect place for you.

But with beaches, historical landmarks and resorts based all over, there will certainly be a perfect place for you to say your “I Do’s”.

For example, you might want to consider the Playa del Carmen & All-Inclusive Reef 28!

While you are at it, don’t forget to check out this amazing packing list for Mexico if you do choose to visit this amazing location!

Hawaii Wedding Resorts

With waterfalls, perfect beaches and temperatures staying a steady 70 all year round, Hawaii is one of the most popular wedding destinations on our list.

It is also considered one of the best vacation spots for couples. 

With that being said it can be a bit pricier too.

But you can still get married here on a budget. Hawaii Wedding resorts are typically in high demand. 

Avoid peak times in Winter and early Spring when the tourist season is in full swing and you can save a bit of cash.

Also, don’t go for one of the more popular locations.

Hawaii is teeming with beauty and you will be able to find a budget-friendly place that still has those amazing views.

Best Couples Resort in Jamaica

Much more than just the beaches and palm trees that you can see, Jamaica also has a rich and diverse culture.

With a laid-back, fun-loving atmosphere and one of the most budget-friendly Caribbean spots, it’s a real front-runner for anyone looking for a destination wedding.

It’s this combination of celebratory spirit and stunning surroundings that are making couples from all over the world want to start their new life together here.

To get the most out of your destination wedding, you must always do your research and make sure that there aren’t any hidden paperwork issues that might put a block on your ceremony.

But with planning and help from those that know their region, you can easily have that dream destination wedding even if you are working on a budget.


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The Ultimate List Of The Best Vacation Spots For Couples On A Budget