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Married couple goals

If you are looking for romantic relationship goals for a marriage worth trying, this post is for you.

You have found the perfect partner and celebrated with the perfect wedding, but that doesn’t mean that the work is over.

For a happy and successful marriage, you need to have relationship goals.

Without having some relationship goals for your marriage you may find yourselves losing touch with each other and your marriage can suffer for it.

For this reason, I highly recommend setting a married couple goals that you can both work on achieving. 

Most couples spend over a year planning and working on the perfect wedding day, and sometimes truly forget what it is they are really getting into. 

A marriage! 

Unlike a normal relationship, marriage I find is more formal and involves a lot more than a regular relationship. 

For some couples, this might be the first time moving in with their significant other. 

To ensure your marriage works, you need to work on it. 

And having healthy relationship goals for couples is the best way to go. 

One curious couple asked me “What are goals for married couples?”

Lucky for you all, I will be sharing my top goals below. 

I wanted to spend some time exploring:

  • Creative goals for married couples worth trying 

  • Long-term goals for married couples

  • Smart goals for marriage to help keep it alive

  • Healthy relationship goals for married couples

10 Powerful Goals For Your Marriage worth setting this year. We have a list of 10 amazing 10 Marriage Goals To Set to grow each other in your marriage so you can be together forever. It's a great way to prioritize your relationship throughout the year and stay close and connected.

What are the best marriage goals to set to grow your love?

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Why Set Marriage Goals If Already Married?

It’s a belief that once you get the man (or woman), then you are set. 

Your work is done. 

He proposed to you, you got married and now you will forever be together. 

I have had girlfriends tell me that marriage is the goal!

But the hard work is only starting. 

Setting goals with your significant other is a really great way to ensure that you are both on the same page!

It also gives you something to work on.

Goals for marriage are healthy for your relationship because it allows both partners to communicate their desires freely in a safe space.

You need to set that safe space in the relationship that will allow you both to do what is right for you individually and as a couple.

Your marriage goals will also help in improving the relationship, thus making the relationship healthier.

These goals should also keep you from getting complacent or from not facing issues head-on. 

At the end of the day, setting goals for yourself and your relationship will set you up to accomplish way more — and it holds you accountable — all while keeping your relationship strong and growing.

So what goals should you have with your spouse for your marriage?

10 Marriage Couple Goals You Should Set:

10 Powerful Goals For Your Marriage worth setting this year. We have a list of 10 amazing 10 Marriage Goals To Set to grow each other in your marriage so you can be together forever. It's a great way to prioritize your relationship throughout the year and stay close and connected.

1. Talk To Your Spouse Daily

When deciding on your husband and wife goals, it is important you set them together as a couple.

Good communication is key to any healthy marriage but with our busy lives, it can be easy to forget.

Set aside time each day to talk to your spouse and listen to what they have to say.

Put the phone down, ask them how their day was and give them your complete attention.

Honestly, communication is everything in a relationship. 

Communication goals for marriage:

  • Use more “I” statements and fewer “You” statements
  • Don’t point the finger
  • Be specific 
  • Don’t mind read
  • Express negative feelings constructively
  • Listen without being defensive
  • Freely express positive feelings

2. Surprise Each Other

Surprise each other from time to time just to let them know that you are thinking of them.

Send an I am thinking of you text on their lunch hour, or surprise her with flowers for no reason.

Your surprises don’t have to be extravagant, just something simple and sweet to let them know that you care and are thinking of them.

I suggest also grabbing these Compliment Printable you can use to leave your significant other little compliments. 

3. Spend Time Together

Make it a point to spend time together and go on dates, just like you did before you were married.

It is easy to get busy living your lives and not make spending time together with a priority, but one of your goals for marriage should be to set aside time to spend together regularly.

4. Keep Your Sex Life Interesting

Don’t let your sex life turn boring just because you are married.

Have honest conversations with each other about what you like and don’t like and things that you might want to try.

Don’t be afraid to shake things up in the bedroom from time to time.

5. Support Each Other In A Marriage

Both members of a couple need to support each other’s dreams and goals.

If your partner says that they would like to return to school, change careers, or start a business it is important to support them in achieving what they want to do.

6. Speak Positively About Each Other

One of your relationship goals should be to always speak positively about each other to other people.

It is disrespectful and demeaning to speak negatively about your spouse to your friends, family, or co-workers and it won’t help your relationship in the long run.

Even if you and your spouse are arguing and you are mad speak about them to others in a positive manner.

7. Laugh Often & Laugh Hard

Life is stressful, and it can be easy to take everything too seriously.

Make it a marriage goal that you and your spouse laugh together often.

Laughing relieves stress and releases endorphins that make you happy.

Did you know that couples who laugh together have a stronger bond, and were more able to overcome the stresses?

Do I need to convince you further to add this as one of your married couple goals?

10 Powerful Goals For Your Marriage worth setting this year. We have a list of 10 amazing 10 Marriage Goals To Set to grow each other in your marriage so you can be together forever. It's a great way to prioritize your relationship throughout the year and stay close and connected.

8. Forgive Quickly

You will find plenty of smart goals for marriage online, but this one is important. 

Don’t hold on to your anger because it will eat away at your relationship over time.

Everyone makes mistakes, and there are sure to be disagreements in any relationship.

Discuss the issues, resolve them, forgive each other and leave them in the past.

Do NOT bring past disagreements up anytime you have a new one.

And if you can not get over it for whatever reason, seek professional help. 

9. Learn Each Other’s Love Languages

Every person has their own way that they like to give and receive love, and you and your partner’s love languages might not be the same.

The five love languages are physical touch, quality time, words of affirmation, receiving gifts, and acts of service.

You might like to give and receive love through physical touch, and your partner might like to give and receive love by spending quality time together.

Neither of you is wrong, you just need to be aware of how each other gives and receives love so that you are showing your partner love in the language that they receive best.

To learn more about this – check out the “love languages“ website. 

Couples in love are those that set good relationship goals. Check out this relationship goal list ideas!

10. Do Something New

The best married couple goals are those that require you to work on the relationship frequently.

Every once in a while make sure that you do something new with your partner.

Not only does this allow you to have new experiences together and create new memories together but you have the opportunity to learn new things as well.

New experiences don’t have to be expensive like travelling to a foreign country, it can be something as simple as attending a cooking class together or participating in a trivia tournament.

And there you have it, 10 amazing marriage goals worth setting!

Having goals for your marriage ensures that your relationship continues to grow stronger all of the time and that you are both communicating with each other regularly.

Relationship goals for your marriage can also give you insight into what is and what is not working for you as a couple so that you can make some changes if necessary.

Do you have any marriage relationship goals that you think are important?

Please share them with us below. 

We would love to hear from you. 

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