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DIY Wedding Centerpieces

DIY Wedding centerpieces don’t have to be cheap and unauthentic.

When it comes to wedding reception décor, few things are as critical or as unifying as the centerpieces.

They set the stage and (quite literally) the table for your entire theme, and they’re the first thing people see when they walk into a space.

Because of this, centerpieces can seriously eat into your wedding budget, especially if you go the all-fresh-flower route.

So is it cheaper to make your own wedding centerpieces?

Yes, it can be cheaper, but it depends on what you want. 

DIY is a great idea if you are good at it and you know how to source out items.

I have also seen extremely expensive DIY wedding centerpieces made. 

But if you love crafting and enjoy DIY projects, you can create gorgeous DIY wedding centerpieces on a budget without comprising the look and design of your big day. 

You also don’t want to spend all your time wielding a glue gun and bedazzling found objects.

As you will soon come to learn, weddings can become stressful pretty quickly and you will need to set time aside for other wedding projects.

Yes, we do encourage you to try some DIY projects (only if you are creative), but don’t spend all your time on this.

And on the day, hire someone to display and put them out as you will be busy with other things. 

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If you are looking for DIY wedding centerpieces on a budget, you will get plenty of amazing ideas today!

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Inexpensive DIY Centerpieces

If you are on a wedding budget, the only way to cut wedding costs is to potentially make your own centerpieces for your wedding.

If you are very creative, use this creativity to DIY homemade wedding decorations that can wow your guests!

Keep in mind that if you choose to DIY  wedding centerpieces, you need to make time. 

Time is one thing that most couples do not have, and most of the time they underestimate the time it would take them to plan a wedding with all the little details that are usually involved!

Inexpensive DIY Centerpieces are only a good idea if you have the time and talent to get them done.

Today will be sharing some of our top tips for:

  • Coming up with cheap wedding centerpiece ideas

  • Ideas for wedding centerpieces without flowers

  • A few homemade wedding centerpieces that are affordable

  • And elegant centerpieces on a budget ideas

DIY Wedding Centerpieces without Flowers

Most of the time, wedding centerpieces end up costing an arm and a leg due to all the flowers used.

This is not always the case. 

For example, if you choose to use flowers that are not in season during your wedding period, it could cost you a lot more at the end of the day. 

The florist might have to special order them in.

But you can save more, by using fewer flowers, using in-season flowers, avoiding flowers like roses during Valentine’s or Lilys during Mother’s Day!

Don’t worry, your wedding will still look elegant even without flowers. 

We will definitely share a few ideas for wedding centerpieces without flowers so you can stick to your budget. 

Creating Homemade Wedding Decorations

Homemade or DIY Wedding centerpieces are extremely popular among budget brides, but this can be used by anyone.

Especially if you want to give your wedding a personal touch! 

Use these dollar store wedding hacks to find what you need to create your DIY wedding look.

Check out this YouTube Video for some inspiration:

DIY Wedding Decor – Centerpieces by Xao Vang

If you would like to go ahead and create your own DIY Wedding centerpieces and you need more ideas, these 12 unique ideas are there to inspire your creativity! 

Here are cheap wedding centerpiece ideas for you: 

Here are a few DIY Wedding centerpieces on a budget decor you can use to decorate your venue. These elegant dollar store diy wedding centerpieces will wow your wedding guests #diywedding #weddingdecor

1. Effortlessly Literary: Antique Books

You don’t have to have flowers to make your table decor stand out. 

Centerpieces without flowers are just as gorgeous. 

If you and your spouse-to-be bond over the undeniably appealing smell of old books, then you’ll love this sweet centrepiece.

All it requires is a stack of old books and maybe a small vase with one or two blossoms.

You can weave the literary theme throughout your wedding by naming each table after one of your favourite books or by sending out library-themed invitations.

These types of DIY Wedding centerpieces work perfectly if your wedding theme is more of a rustic theme! 

DIY Wedding centerpiece idea

Photo Courtesy of meandmycamerafilms

2. Classic and Glowing: Candles with Pearls

Nothing says elegant, chic and sophisticated quite like a string of pearls.

Start with some enchanting freshwater pearls that offer a lovely, pearlescent lustre in a combination of smooth spheres and baroque shapes.

Fill translucent vases of differing heights with loose pearls in pure white or your wedding colour and you’ve got an instant hit with minimal effort.

DIY wedding centerpieces do not have to be complicated.

Just keep it simple and classy! 

3. Fresh Femininity: Glitzy, Beaded Flowers

All we can say is pile on the gemstone beads because you can never have too much!

This crafty centrepiece is about as affordable and custom as you can get.

Start with a set of high-quality silk flowers and then bedazzle to your heart’s content with rhinestones, crystals, aquamarine or whatever gets you excited.

You can also dot the center of each bloom with vintage brooches, but this can be challenging if you prefer a uniform look, as you’ll need one for every stem.

DIY Wedding centerpiece idea

Photo Courtesy of thetayraperezproject

4. Soft and Simple: Floating Rose Petals

DIY Wedding Centerpieces can be classic yet they are underrated!

You can take a set of hurricanes, fill them up with water and adorn them with candles and rose petals in your wedding colour.

The beauty of this DIY centerpiece is twofold: It’s extremely simple (you could actually make all your centerpieces in under a half-hour if you wanted to) and extremely customizable.

There’s no wedding palette or theme it wouldn’t serve.

5. Going Green: Earthy All-Greens Boxes

What do you do when you’re not into the idea of faux flora but you’re also not feeling the massive price tags on those massive peonies and big-bloom garden roses?

Go green!

An all-green simple wedding centerpiece costs significantly less than your typical floral variety but is equally as fresh and expressive.

Go textured with different types of greens— ivy, lamb’s ear, ferns, dusty miller, ruscus, ornamental cabbage, Billy Balls!

It’s all fair game!

If you can, discuss it with your florist. 

Ask them for their suggestions on coming up with inexpensive wedding centerpieces. 

You will be surprised at what they can create for you. 

simple diy wedding centerpieces

6. Kitschy-Chic: Old Tin Vases

They are so many ways to make your budget wedding ideas look beautiful!

Use what you have: rusty watering cans, old tea kettles, salvaged birdcages, and dollar-store drinking glasses, for example).

If you’re going for a super-antique or subtly country vibe, start where all good vintage centerpieces start: in grandma’s basement.

Create exceptional wildflower bouquets with old-fashioned spice tins for a style that tells a story.

Be sure to pick the most colourful, rusty and weathered canisters you can find.

7. Bold Gold: All Golden Everything

What is it about gold spray paint that just makes everything look flawless?

Coming up with wedding table centerpieces ideas on a budget can be tricky. 

Especially if you truly want everything to look gorgeous.

But it is possible as long as you are creative.

You can make creative wedding table centerpieces by adding your own unique touches to them. 

The goal is to find easy wedding centerpieces that require little time. 

This approach requires no expensive floral — unless you want them — and can be achieved with things you already have around the house plus a can of gold spray paint.

You can quite literally achieve this high-class look for just a few bucks!

gold wedding ideas

Photo Courtesy of recreatingpnw

8. Buckets of Love: Pales Filled with Flowers

If you’re looking for a way to add a rustic-but-not-too-rustic feel to your big day, consider filling a garden pale with fresh blossoms.

Keep it simple and affordable with all hydrangeas or get crafty with silk blooms.

If your wedding is beach-themed, consider transforming kids’ beach buckets into custom beach centerpieces for a little extra personality.

9. Perfectly Handmade: Adorned Vases

The next time you’re shopping second-hand at antique stores, yard sales and thrift shops, take stock of the vase situation.

You can usually find a ton of just-okay vases that don’t suit your exact style but still have plenty of personalities.

Learn to see the vase for what it could be, not what it is right now!

Some hand-wrapped chains, ribbon or twine can transform any vessel.

wedding centerpiece idea for budget weddings

10. Garden Delights: Miniature Herb Gardens

They’re functional, aromatic and right on budget.

Herb garden centerpieces are utterly ideal for an earthy, eclectic or woodsy wedding.

You can even plant several small receptacles or jars with individual herbs and then hand them out as favours after all is said and done.

This is another great way to keep things fresh without help from a high-cost florist.

11. Casual Yet Pretty: Candles and Fresh Petals

If you are looking for wedding table centerpieces ideas on a budget, this is it.

This entirely effortless candle centerpiece doesn’t require much, just a few wax pillars, candle spheres, and rose petals.

It sure doesn’t skimp on the charm and style.

The best part about this type of centerpiece is that you can tailor it to your specific tastes, whether your wedding motif is coastal, traditional, country, eclectic, fairy-tale or rustic.

If you plan to make your own wedding centerpieces as we mentioned, just set the time to create something that speaks volumes.

Don’t skimp on the details. 

12. Easy-Peezy: Pinwheels in Mason Jars

DIY Wedding centerpieces shouldn’t only be all pomp and circumstance.

Sometimes the thrown-together look says more than the perfectly arranged white roses and meticulously placed floral sprays.

If you and your spouse-to-be tend to take things less seriously, and if you’re all about having fun, you can’t go wrong with some cute patterned or solid-coloured pinwheels standing in jars.

Conclusion: Unique DIY Wedding Centerpieces 

Designing and making your own wedding centerpieces serves you in so many ways.

From helping you save money so you can use your money elsewhere (hello, honeymoon on a budget) to help break the wedding mould and add something amazingly original to your wedding style.

Use the same approach throughout your wedding planning with do-it-yourself favours, decorations and more!

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12 DIY Wedding Centerpieces On a Budget That Your Guests Will Love